Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another New Hip

Another month has passed since the last post, so here is what has been happening.

May 5th. arrives and I’m at the Hospital getting prepared for left hip replacement surgery. Wasn’t too nervous, just wanted to “get it over with”.

20150505_ Ready for Surgery

I was the second surgery scheduled that day. The nurses had done all they could do with me. Then the anesthesiologist came in the room. Looked over my records, explained how the procedure would go and the surgeon should be next to talk to me about the surgery. The surgeon did come in and looked at me and said “Would it be ok with you if I schedule you for next Tuesday?” I thought he was kidding, but he said no he just wasn’t feeling well and needed to cancel all of today’s surgery. He looked like he was running a fever as he had a sweaty for head. So I was un-hooked from all the IV lines and told to get dressed and check out of the hospital. A week later on the 12th. I went back to the Hospital and had the surgery. On the 14th. I was back home resting and recovering.

This year we celebrated Mothers day outside on the deck. Wilma was surprised when she received a delivery on Saturday morning, the day before Mothers Day.

20150511_Mothers Day Flowers

The “Three Mothers in my life” made for a wonderful family day here at home.

20150510_The Three Mothers in my life

Had my first Post surgery check up yesterday. The staples were removed and the staff along with the Dr. said I was looking really well. I mentioned that they probably tell all their patients that, but they assured me that I really did look great for just having the surgery 10 days ago. I guess the Physical Therapy I’m getting at home 3 days a week is working. Even though I feel like “the guy is killing me!” I sure am sore the day after PT.

Today daughter Angel bought grand daughter Brooke over to celebrate her Birthday. Savannah our youngest grand daughter is staying with us this week end and got to enjoy the celebration with us also. But prior to having our “grilled Lunch” out on the deck this sunny day, NaNa put the two Grandkids to work. The three of them planted the tomatoes in the garden, while Angel mowed the lawn. I could do nothing but sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine and my wonderful family!

20150523_Tomato  Garden

I did get to BBQ the Brats on the grill, while the “girls” prepared corn on the cob, chips, and fix’ens. A wonderful summertime lunch. Earlier in the day, Savannah helped NaNa bake the birthday cake. Mmm good cake it was, along with the ice cream. 

After eating our lunch, Brooke opened her gifts, then blew out the candles so she could cut the cake while Savannah dipped the ice cream.

20150523_Opening the gifts

20150523_Blowing out the candles

The Grandkids are really growing up. Allowing us to just sit back and enjoy the moment.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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