Thursday, August 6, 2015

Annual Grandkid Camp Trip

Sunday late morning we had the Grand kids, (4 of the 5 of them) in the truck ready to head out on our Annual Grand Kid Camp Trip. We usually stop at a local restaurant and get a lunch prior to leaving, which we did. Then it was on to Outdoor Adventure's Lakeshore Resort
The kids were great when we arrived, helping us unload the truck and car and get set up in the cabin we rented for 3 days.
The cabin we stayed in, on the photo above, is the upper right had corner, back row top cabin with the green roofs. It's great because it can sleep 7 and has a loft where the kids set up their space.
They were within walking distance to the "Dome" building (center in photo) where all the activities are held. Next to the Dome is the boat use station where they tried out a paddle boat. Next to that is the beach area where we always eat a picnic lunch and the kids swim and try to get a suntan.
There choice of what boat to take was determined by the park rules. Someone over the age of 18 has to be on the water. Haley being over 18 was the dedicated "supervisor" and they all piled into a paddle boat. As it was windy the boat ride lasted just 15 minutes.
Can't forget the evening with a campfire, just right for making Smoores! Even though the temperature was in the 80's we still had a fire each evening.
I guess the angle of the photo didn't do well with the stick looking like it's leaning on Haley's head. :)
And you just can't go to Lakeshore Resort without a trip down the Lazy River! Brooke and Savannah had so much fun they took more than a couple trips down the Lazy River.
Of course as tradition has it, there is time for a game of Putt Putt golf. This year Brooke and Rebecca started playing, later joined by Savannah.
Afterward it was tradition to get an ice cream cone. Poor Nana could only take a lick of mine because they didn't have any sugar free ice cream.
I think Savannah was having a "brain freeze" when this photo was taken. ;)
Later in the day the chances of the weather turning bad even showed it's face.
But the cold front only brought some hale and a few sprinkles and the next day the sun was out in all it's brightness.

This Saturday Wilma and I head for Goshen, Indiana for our very first RV Rally. There are more than a couple things that need to be repaired on our new 5th. wheel, and this is the perfect time to have those problems taken care of at no cost. We are looking forward to a week of entertainment with other "Forest River RV owners.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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