Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Special Day for me, Veterans Day.

Being a Veteran, this day means so much to me. Though I spent 4 years aboard an Aircraft Carrier during the Viet Nam conflict, I’m still taken back and humbled when strangers tell me “Welcome Home and thank you for your service”. I don’t feel I did anything special, just served my country as I saw fit to the best of my ability.
I’m the 1st. sailor on the left edge, 4th. row down from the top of photo.
Today for the first time, I was invited to my nephews’ school for their annual Veterans Tribute. The entire school assembled in the gymnasium where we were honored for our service.
 In attendance 18 veterans from all branches of the service and 4 military conflicts, WWII, Korean, Viet Nam, and the Gulf War. I have to say I felt honored to sit among these men and women.
Nephew Jeremy shaking my hand after the ceremony.
This evening Wilma and I plan on going to dinner at Applebee’s. Every year they honor the Veterans with a choice of different discounted plates. Last year the place was packed! While we were eating, a Marine Veteran spoke out their famous saying, followed by another Veteran from the Army, and the Navy and Air Force followed. What a great feeling overtook Wilma and I. Almost brought tears to our eyes seeing all these Vets from so many conflicts all enjoying each others company, rooting on each other having dinner at Applebee’s. I look forward to this evening.
To all our Veterans and active Military personnel I say “Thank You for your Service”.

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