Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bike Ride to Lettuce Lake

Took our first bike rides yesterday. Rode around the RV Park with a visit to one of our winter friends to see their improvements they made to their lot. They had a roof and screened in patio built around there 5th. wheel. Wow was it ever beautiful! $$$$$

From there we headed to the public boat launch just minutes from the Park.

Wilma, Lettuce Lake and Boat Ramp

This was the first day that I have rode my bike in over a year. Actually, since before I had my 1st. hip replacement. A little hesitant I was, but after the 3rd. try I managed to swing my leg over the seat getting on the bike normally. This was a huge accomplishment, and I won’t feel confident until I am able to do it a few more times.

Today is Laundry day. Our favorite thing to do while we are here in Florida….NOT! But it has to be done.

Temperatures have been in the mid 80’s since we arrived. The weather man says that after this weekend the temperature will be in the mid 70’s. Life is Good!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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