Saturday, December 26, 2015

RV Park Wi-Fi Problems?

No, I don’t think they have problems. For the past 2 years I’ve been putting blame on them for not being able to connect to tne internet. The manager thought it might be because of to many people streaming and using all the bandwidth up. But yesterday and today I’ve found out differently. Of course the park is only about half full of the normal snowbirds, so we will see for sure in a month or so.

First off I purchased the Alpha Long Range Antenna This did a wonderful job of pulling in the signal from the club house.

Image result for Alfa 2000mw 2W Waterproof Marine high power Long Range Outdoor 802.11 B, G, N, USB wireless network Wifi Adaptor with Integrated 12dBi Antenna - Up to 150mps

Turned on the computer and my Windows 10 laptop showed a very strong signal. Clicked on the Chrome browser and waited to connect. And waited, and waited. WOW…not connecting. Did some minor changes on the browser to no avail.

So I did the un-thinkable, I started up Windows 10 Microsoft Edge to connect to the internet and downloaded Firefox web browser.


After installing and setting it up Firefox connected with the RV Park’s Wi-Fi. Go figure! I just can’t get the Google Chrome Browser to work here, and it’s my preferred browser!


So, I guess there is some more learning to be done as to why Chrome won’t connect and Firefox will. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

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