Friday, December 11, 2015

The Death Of Live Writer

Well it worked for a couple days, now it's dead. I'm talking about the Windows Live Writer program that most bloggers use to publish their blogs. Using the generic blogger software allows us to publish, like this post, but it's a little more of a pain.

What's next? Those great folks that give us "free" programs, the "Open Source" people have been in negotiations with Microsoft for over 2 years to allow them to create another program using the "Windows Live Writer" code. It has finally been approved from Microsoft and the "new" program will be known as "Open Live Writer".

Here is a quote from one of the programmers blogs about it:
  • ADDING VERY SOONGoogle runs the excellent Blogger blog service. We've worked with the Blogger Team within Google on this project, and they've been kind enough to keep an older authentication endpoint running for many months while we work on Open Live Writer. Soon, Google and Blogger will finally shut down this older authentication system. Blogger will use the more modern OAuth 2 and Open Live Writer will be updated to support OAuth 2. Windows Live Writer will never support this new OAuth 2 authentication system, so if you use Blogger, you'll need to use Open Live Writer.

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