Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Up Grades and Doctors, Snowbird Ready

We have been so busy the last couple months getting things ready for our Snow Bird trip to Florida. From doing upgrades to the 5th. wheel RV, to getting all of our Doctor’s appointments taken care of. All this having being squeezed in between everyday living. Seems we are just spinning in circles. Not complaining mind you, just getting excited for the departure date.

A few of the upgrades I’ve done with the 5th. wheel is added shelves to the pantry, and medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Drilled holes in the bedroom window frames to allow the windows to go fully open, installed stabilization braces, and removed the standard rear lights and installed LED lights.
New LED lights
Original lights

As most of our driving is done during the daylight, the LED lights are much much brighter than the standard 1 bulb light. Drivers behind us will have no trouble seeing the brake lights or turn signals now.

This is actually a “Test Blog Post”. Since I’ve changed my security settings in Google I can’t publish a post made with a program called Live Writer on my computer. I liked Live Writer because you can create the post without being online. That’s important when I’m away from my home and am using my data from Verizon. So what I’ve managed to do is write the blog post in live writer, copy it, then sign onto my Blog online, create a new post and paste the Live Writer post in it. This doesn’t work with the photo’s, so I have to go back and re-upload and place the photo’s. Kind of “twice the work” but if I’m to keep posting it’s what I’ll have to do until I figure out a different way, without changing my security settings in Google.

Sorry for the techy paragraph above.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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