Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bike Ride to Lettuce Lake

Took our first bike rides yesterday. Rode around the RV Park with a visit to one of our winter friends to see their improvements they made to their lot. They had a roof and screened in patio built around there 5th. wheel. Wow was it ever beautiful! $$$$$

From there we headed to the public boat launch just minutes from the Park.

Wilma, Lettuce Lake and Boat Ramp

This was the first day that I have rode my bike in over a year. Actually, since before I had my 1st. hip replacement. A little hesitant I was, but after the 3rd. try I managed to swing my leg over the seat getting on the bike normally. This was a huge accomplishment, and I won’t feel confident until I am able to do it a few more times.

Today is Laundry day. Our favorite thing to do while we are here in Florida….NOT! But it has to be done.

Temperatures have been in the mid 80’s since we arrived. The weather man says that after this weekend the temperature will be in the mid 70’s. Life is Good!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

RV Park Wi-Fi Problems?

No, I don’t think they have problems. For the past 2 years I’ve been putting blame on them for not being able to connect to tne internet. The manager thought it might be because of to many people streaming and using all the bandwidth up. But yesterday and today I’ve found out differently. Of course the park is only about half full of the normal snowbirds, so we will see for sure in a month or so.

First off I purchased the Alpha Long Range Antenna This did a wonderful job of pulling in the signal from the club house.

Image result for Alfa 2000mw 2W Waterproof Marine high power Long Range Outdoor 802.11 B, G, N, USB wireless network Wifi Adaptor with Integrated 12dBi Antenna - Up to 150mps

Turned on the computer and my Windows 10 laptop showed a very strong signal. Clicked on the Chrome browser and waited to connect. And waited, and waited. WOW…not connecting. Did some minor changes on the browser to no avail.

So I did the un-thinkable, I started up Windows 10 Microsoft Edge to connect to the internet and downloaded Firefox web browser.


After installing and setting it up Firefox connected with the RV Park’s Wi-Fi. Go figure! I just can’t get the Google Chrome Browser to work here, and it’s my preferred browser!


So, I guess there is some more learning to be done as to why Chrome won’t connect and Firefox will. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

It Doesn’t Feel Like The Day Before Christmas.

I never remember it being this warm just the day before Christmas! I’m not complaining mind you, and we might get a chance to take a dip in the pool on Christmas day.

Please wait while picture is loading ...

We were volunteered to help with the RV Park’s Christmas Dinner again this year. We will be meeting in the club house at 9am to get the hams and turkey breasts in the roasters. Then we will be decorating up the club house. Around 12pm we will return to take the hams and turkey breasts out of the roasters, slice them up and put them back in the rosters to keep warm. Dinner will be a “pot luck” dinner and I’m sure there will be more food brought than what can be consumed. Dinner is scheduled to start around 2pm. So maybe, just maybe there might be enough time found to take a historical “dip in the pool on Christmas day”. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Made It

Yes, we made it to our Winter home here in Florida. The drive was a little more than boring. Very heavy fog in the Smoky mountains, had to slow down to 45 MPH at times. Couldn’t see more than 15 feet in front of us. It was a white knuckle drive for a while I must say.
Getting into Georgia we took the by-pass around Atlanta. Much better than following I-75 through Atlanta. Wilma was much more at ease with the light traffic we encountered.
After 3 days of traveling, we arrived here around 2pm on Saturday.
Hugs to our friends and neighbors before we set up. Afterward our friends Dennis and Kathy had us over for dinner. Deer stew, and salad. Wow was it ever delicious. Didn’t think I liked deer meat, but this stew was fantastic.
Then Sunday we were entertained with some live music. The keyboard player is our neighbor just two sites over. Blind but you would never know it as he plays like a professional. Great entertainment.
OPlease wait while picture is loading ...
As you can see we are in for some great weather this week. I knew we were in Florida when we could leave our windows opened all night last night!

The software developers of the new Open Live Writer, which I use to publish  my blog, are still in the development mode. You may notice problems with my posts. No one is more frustrated than I.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Death Of Live Writer

Well it worked for a couple days, now it's dead. I'm talking about the Windows Live Writer program that most bloggers use to publish their blogs. Using the generic blogger software allows us to publish, like this post, but it's a little more of a pain.

What's next? Those great folks that give us "free" programs, the "Open Source" people have been in negotiations with Microsoft for over 2 years to allow them to create another program using the "Windows Live Writer" code. It has finally been approved from Microsoft and the "new" program will be known as "Open Live Writer".

Here is a quote from one of the programmers blogs about it:
  • ADDING VERY SOONGoogle runs the excellent Blogger blog service. We've worked with the Blogger Team within Google on this project, and they've been kind enough to keep an older authentication endpoint running for many months while we work on Open Live Writer. Soon, Google and Blogger will finally shut down this older authentication system. Blogger will use the more modern OAuth 2 and Open Live Writer will be updated to support OAuth 2. Windows Live Writer will never support this new OAuth 2 authentication system, so if you use Blogger, you'll need to use Open Live Writer.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Using Live Writer Again!

Ever since I had turned on the 2 step verification on my Blog account, which I highly recommend to anyone who has a Google account, I was not able to use the Live Writer program to create the posts and publish them.

Looking up a fix for this on Google search proved successful with these instructions 2 step verification for Live Writer

I set it up and presto it worked! So this blog post is just a test to make double sure everything is working.


Can’t wait to see these type of tree’s again.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Up Grades and Doctors, Snowbird Ready

We have been so busy the last couple months getting things ready for our Snow Bird trip to Florida. From doing upgrades to the 5th. wheel RV, to getting all of our Doctor’s appointments taken care of. All this having being squeezed in between everyday living. Seems we are just spinning in circles. Not complaining mind you, just getting excited for the departure date.

A few of the upgrades I’ve done with the 5th. wheel is added shelves to the pantry, and medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Drilled holes in the bedroom window frames to allow the windows to go fully open, installed stabilization braces, and removed the standard rear lights and installed LED lights.
New LED lights
Original lights

As most of our driving is done during the daylight, the LED lights are much much brighter than the standard 1 bulb light. Drivers behind us will have no trouble seeing the brake lights or turn signals now.

This is actually a “Test Blog Post”. Since I’ve changed my security settings in Google I can’t publish a post made with a program called Live Writer on my computer. I liked Live Writer because you can create the post without being online. That’s important when I’m away from my home and am using my data from Verizon. So what I’ve managed to do is write the blog post in live writer, copy it, then sign onto my Blog online, create a new post and paste the Live Writer post in it. This doesn’t work with the photo’s, so I have to go back and re-upload and place the photo’s. Kind of “twice the work” but if I’m to keep posting it’s what I’ll have to do until I figure out a different way, without changing my security settings in Google.

Sorry for the techy paragraph above.

So until next time, be safe and God Bless.