Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Band, A Birthday, A Bowl of Soup

It’s been a fairly busy week for us this past week between the rainy days.

The RV Park welcomed Latitude to perform last Monday evening.

160118 Lattitude Band

They sing a varity of music but I believe they do the best with their “John Denver” skit. Tom sings EXACTLY like John Denver. You can’t tell them apart. This married couple was well worth the $15 entry fee charged and included a dinner.

Moving on to yesterday, 5 of us neighbors put on a “Surprise” birthday party for another neighbor. This was a very special surprise as we found out later when Ann told us that she had never had a Surprise birthday party in her life. 20160123_133442

It brought on tears of joy, which touched us all.


Then last night was the annual “Soup” night. Just a $2 charge for as much soup as you could eat. Choice of two different soups, bean and ham or turkey vegetable. Both were delicious.


Above photo, I’m to the far left in the blue shirt next to Dennis in the red shirt.

Wilma is just out of the photo sitting across from me.



Today we are expecting a cousin of Wilma’s to visit us that lives here in Florida.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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