Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby Gator

Dennis took me on a short ride on his Golf Cart yesterday. We drove over to our Neighbor RV Park across the street, Lettuce Lake RV Park. He told me of a Gator in one of the small drainage ditches, so I was anxious to see it.
Yesterday and last night we had alot of rain. Even had some thunder and lightning. Most of the small drainage ditches in the park were still draining water back to Lettuce Lake, which the park backs up to. So I figure with all the rain the last 24 hours it made it easy for the little guy to travel up out of the Lake and into the park.
20160110_155023 I would say he was about 4 foot long. Above photo shows the gator with Denny’s reflection from the other side of the ditch.
And getting closer to him to get a photo put him on guard. He looked at me, opened his mouth showing me all his pointy teeth and snarled at me. Foam actually came out of his right eye when he snarled! Made my hair stand on end and got my attention quickly! So I stopped advancing and took the photo’s and a short video.
Click on this link for Video
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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