Sunday, January 31, 2016

Record Rainfall–Slide Toppers

Nothing exciting happened this past week, unless you can call listening to the rain on the roof exciting. We had 2 straight days and a night of constant rain this past week alone.


Each day we looked out of the window we saw grey cloudy skies. The temps weren’t bad as they reached the high 50’s to low 60’s during the day. But no sunshine here in the Sunshine State.


The local weather reports on TV showed the amounts of rain in the 48 hour period. We are North of North Fort Myers, so I would guess we had just over 5” of rain in that 48 hour period. They were reporting record rainfalls in Southwest Florida for the month of January. Normal January rainfall is about 2”. We had a total of just under 13”. That’s alot of rain!

Mobil Home Lots for Rent under water.

Some of the empty “Mobil Home” sites here in our RV Park became small lakes. Give it about a week and the water should be gone. That is if we do not get any more rain storms.

Yesterday we had what is called in the RV industry, “Slide Toppers” installed on all three of our slides.


They help keep the rain from possibly leaking inside the trailer. But the most important feature is that it prevents any debris from trees of landing on top of the slide while extended.


The only way to remove any debris would be to get on a ladder with my extension handled scrub brush and push or pull the debris off. So having these installed saves me a step when getting ready to move, that could be overlooked very easy. The very last thing you want to do is close up the slide with tree branches and leaves on the roof of it.


They look great and we were satisfied with the installation. Nightfall came, Wilma went to turn on the light over the kitchen table and it wouldn’t go on. I looked at the fuse panel and noticed the 12volt fuse was blown. My guess is that one of the screws used in the installation hit a 12 volt wire in the wall shorting it out. Not Good At All! So I placed another call to the installer.

Around 4pm Ellis RV Repair drove up. Smile 20160131_172645

He asked if I would show him inside the RV where the lights are located. After a brief discussion, he headed outside to take a look and remove some screws. 20160131_173555Within a half hour he found the screw that pierced the 12 volt wire and blew the fuse. A new fuse was inserted in the fuse panel and we now have our lights back. They did say they were going to notify the factory and let them know that the wire harness is actually installed incorectly and advise them to make any adjustments that will cure this problem for other installers.

On a lighter note, the weather looks like it’s going to get nicer this week.


A little improvement from the past week, and we hope those clouds with rain will blow away from us.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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