Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tornado Warning!!!

This is not my idea of fun, getting woke up at 4:45am from the phone with a Tornado Warning Take Cover! We all knew for the last 3 days that there would be another storm blowing through our area on Sunday. Didn’t think it would be so early Sunday morning. The RV shook a little bit, but nothing to worry about.


Letting the dog out, I did first notice the large patio rug was blown up against the RV Tires. The weight of our small beverage fridge kept it from blowing away. I looked up to see if my wi-fi antenna was still up, which it was. Open-mouthed smileThumbs up it is at the top of a 15’ PVC mast strapped to the ladder on the rear of the RV. However I did loose my new grill cover….but the heavy grill didn’t move and is still here. I really expect to see alot of damaged awnings this morning. I, knowing about the storm was on it’s way, stored my awning last night before going to bed, which saved me some $$$.

On to nicer things….

Yesterday morning after breakfast Wilma and I walked up to the club house for the “Yard Sale” that is held every year. Didn’t find anything that we just had to have except for a donut and coffee. Embarrassed smile

Following that I rode the bike to the public boat launch on Lettuce Lake.


Just had to get this photo of the sun shinning through the Palm tree.


It’s called Lettuce Lake, but to me it just looks like a wide river. It’s connected to the Gulf so the tide rises and falls in it every day.


Undeveloped area’s along the edge where one can find native birds and Gators hanging out.

Yesterday afternoon, our neighbors had a “band practice” for all of us to enjoy. These two guys, Jim from New Hampshire playing the guitar, and Jeff from Texas playing the keyboards are fantastic! They entertained us for at least 3 hours.


The sun shinning, and the weather and music was just great for all of us to enjoy.




Before we knew it the time was getting close for us to head for the Moose Lodge in Punta Gorda to have a “Rib Dinner”. We have never had a bad meal from the Moose as of yet, and you just can’t beat the price. Two dinners for $19.50!



What a great time we all had! Wilma said she was the designated driver so that allowed me to enjoy some adult beverages with my meal! Well… a few more than what would have been allowed to have before driving anyway. Winking smile

Today we are scheduled to go to the Arcadia Moose to play “Road Kill Bingo”. We have never played this before but from what our friends tell us it is a blast also, with a chance to win an assortment of meats. Fun you all say! Count Wilma and I in!!!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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