Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome Back Party

Every year around this time, the owner of the park hosts a “Welcome Back” party. He furnishes liquid beverages of all kinds and Pizza. Jeff our neighbor who is a keyboard player furnished the music for the evening.
20160108_A few of the Snowbirds
Last year while we were at an outdoors restaurant, a Gecko jumped on Wilma’s shoulder. A scream from her made the Gecko run for cover… right across her lips to her other shoulder and leap off.
20160108_Un-Aware of the Gecko above
This year the Gecko re-appeared. The photo above showes it on the screen just above Wilma. She does not know as of yet how close he will get to her.
She notices him and begins her Welcome signs to him. Open-mouthed smile
20160108_Off the hair please.
A Walmart plastic bag was used for assurance that he would not jump down into her hair. By this time the rest of us are enjoying a good laugh at poor Wilma’s expense.
20160108_Don't Jump!
Getting closer to her on the side screen, he is getting ready to “Welcome” her to Florida. She uses a paper dish for defense.
20160108_Plate Deflector
Mr. Gecko refuses to take the hint and leave! Wilma draws back with fright! Surprised smileDisappointed smile
It wasn’t long and he left, going back to where he came from, to Wilma’s relief.
It wasn’t long and the liquid refreshments, along with the great music, brought many to their feet to dance around the pool.
And it wasn’t much longer before a few of the snowbirds found their feathers wet in the pool! Party smile
Everyone had a great time, getting re-acquainted with our “Winter Family” again. After the party wound down, we all ended up under our awning for a “Group Photo”.
20160108_The Gang after the party
The matching shirts??? Our section of the RV Park many years ago was given a nick name of “The Hood”. Don’t know exactly why, maybe the late parties that were held most evenings. We all decided it would be a great time to wear our “It’s All Good In The Hood” shirts. They were a big hit with the Snowbirds, with many chuckles and fun comments.
This morning we rode our bikes over to our sister park, Lettuce Lake RV Park. They were holding a “Garage Sale” and we didn’t find anything that we couldn’t do without, so we left empty handed. Thumbs upBe right back
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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