Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Day At The RV Park

The day was spent just hanging around the RV park with nothing planned. As Angel said, it takes a day like this to just stop and take in the wonderful weather, blue skies and Palm Trees.
It wasn’t long after breakfast that the sun warmed things up enough to take a dip in the pool.IMG_1268
Brooke made fun about how warm the water was, being warmer than the already warm air. I told her they had to keep the pool warm so the “old people” (which I and Nana aren’t) wouldn’t have a heart attack when entering the pool. 12717234_10153861877555138_6519313671639269024_n
After the swim and lunch, Brooke borrowed our friends (Dennis and Kathy) Golf Cart and went exploring. First trip was with her mom Angel, and Nana. When they returned they were laughing so hard at Angel that they could hardly catch their breath. Seems while riding through “the bush” Angel kept hearing wild pigs. Neither Brooke nor Nana heard it, but Angel kept on about hearing it actually getting a scared look on her face. I guess you could say she was freaking out a little which made it that more entertaining. 20160217_143953
I needed to see the “bush” area so Brooke drove me on the Golf Cart.20160217_143526
Of course I had to pretend I was petrified from her driving!20160217_143647
But she did a great job driving and giving me the guided tour of the “bush”. 20160217_143851
When it was time for dinner we wanted to take them to the Moose Lodge for “Taco Night”. It’s just amazing how good their food is, the quantity and choices you get, for such an inexpensive price! We loaded up in my truck. Dennis, Kathy and Greg in the other truck, and headed for the Punta Gorda Moose. 20160217_171434
Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and even though the photo doesn’t show it, we all had a great time with much laughter.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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