Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, Siesta Key Beach

For those who visit Florida’s west coast, a stop at Siesta Key Beach is a must. It has been rated at America’s #1 Beach. On Monday we left the RV and headed to the beach. It is about 50 miles away so we allowed for travel time. Even with over 900 parking spaces, sometimes it’s a challenge to find an open one.

Arriving at the beach parking lots we noticed that there is much construction being done. Many more parking spots are being added making it a breeze to find a parking spot. Between the parking lots and the beach is a welcome center with a diner and wash rooms. 20160215_101721


We stopped there prior to walking out to the beach front. The sand is like white flour. Semi packed, cool and soft to the touch. IMG_1266

No problem finding a “perfect” spot to enjoy a few hours on the beach as there was a stiff wind blowing keeping many “snowbirds” away. But not us! 12728981_10153860055905138_5203455654647690868_n



A walk to dunk the toes in the Gulf20160215_102941

would work up a hunger for a sandwich and some chips.20160215_103803

But be very careful!!! As Angel and Brooke found out those Sea Gulls hanging around are waiting to grab your lunch right out of your hands. Angel only got one bite of her turkey sandwich before a Gull swooped in and grabbed it out of her hand. Brooke was almost attacked for her chips.

Just as these folks found out as he lost 2 sandwiches taken out of his hand at once! 20160215_111659

Brooke found the only way to eat is to hide the source from the birds20160215_110633

The Sea Gulls here are the most aggressive Gulls I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some agressive Gulls in my days of travel.

The beach is 8 miles long, so walking it from one end to another may take some time.20160215_102653


Yet another great sunny day, abit a little breezy on the beach, but a memorable day indeed.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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