Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Punta Gorda–Abandoned Truck

We took a ride to Punta Gorda yesterday with no destination, just a ride to our favorite city. Less traffic than on a week end made finding a parking space really easy.

20160201_105745It was just a perfect day with temps in the mid 70’s and full sunshine.


We strolled up the main street, stopping at a local business browsing their items. Mostly candles and insense. When first walking in it smelled great. (Usually I can’t stand walking into a business like these, especially Yankee Candles) We actually found a sample we liked but when Wilma looked at the price she immediatly placed it back on the shelf. I looked and did the same. The price was out of site!20160201_110941

We decided to head over to Fishermen's Village. A favorite stop of ours and a “must see” for anyone who visits Punta Gorda.

20160201_113341It’s a collection of shops, restaurants, marina, condo’s and beautiful scenery.20160201_112342


We stopped at our favorite restaurant there and had lunch. A Grouper sandwich with fries and slaw. We just ordered one and split the meal, leaving more than enough for both of us.20160201_115809After lunch we stopped for a sugar free frozen strawberry yogurt. A perfect desert after a delicious lunch.

Arriving back home I took a short walk down to the boat launch, and found this sitting in the parking lot!20160202_102852The truck has been sitting here for the past couple days.

20160202_102838Even the trailer looks to be in rough condition. Didn’t even have a license plate on it!

I found out later that a Sherriff deputy had stopped by and called in the plate number checking on the truck. I guess the boat is somewhere in the water at some other location? Eye rolling smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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