Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yet Another Tornado Close Call

This past week we had another Tornado Warning alert. Everyone in the park was aware of the storm that was heading our way the evening before it hit. Most of us closed our awnings and put chairs and tables away, except for a couple that thought otherwise. He found out that even roping the awning poles to a tree wouldn’t help. Outcome: awning destroyed.

Wilma and I watched the local weather reports on the TV showing the tracking of the storm and the most possible area’s that could see a tornado. We were in the direct path of one of two that were predicted!

The storm came in the early afternoon around 1 pm. The rain was heavy, causing small rivers of water throughout the park running toward the lake. We had one just behind our 5th. wheel, about 2 feet wide and maybe 2 inches deep. Doesn’t sound too large but it was moving fast, convincing me that there was more rainfall than what I’ve seen fall in such a short time.

Then the “Tornado Warning” alarm came across my smart phone telling us to take cover. Yea right….let’s see, our choices here are the trailer, the truck, or maybe the club house made of plywood with warning signs posted that the building is not a storm shelter.

I watched the sky toward the South West, the direction that the storm was coming from, from inside the 5th. wheel. The weather report on TV said a tornado touched down, destroying a roof of a home and moving cars and trucks around a neighborhood just 7 miles from us. Looking out the window I first noticed the Live Oak trees blowing in circles just a few streets behind us. Then the wind hit! Did it ever hit us hard! From the sound of it, the actions of the trees as branches that went whizzing by, I would guess the speed to be upward of 60 MPH at least. The 5th. wheel rocked slightly, the stabilizers holding us secure like they were designed for. I have to admit this wind gave me a scare! for what seemed like 5 minutes but probably only a minute or so, before the wind stopped. Within 10 minutes there was no wind at all and the sun was shinning. The storm had passed. We all believe the tornado that took the roof off of the house 7 miles away must have lifted up over us as it went by. One RV’er said she actually watched the water that had formed in a large puddle near her RV start to spin and get sucked up out of the puddle, making the water look like a miniature tornado.  The local weather reports on TV said the violent weather that is happening is from the Elneno affect and that we could have this type of weather extending into the month of March.

We have once more been blessed, and spared any damage.20160223_174204


On a lighter note, our neighbors put on another “Camp Jam” this past week.12745503_10206187155303537_6152642118595763166_n



The keyboard player is blind and his dog, Ian, seems to look like he has heard it all before.20160223_151124

Jeff and Jim are excellent musicians, and everyone within hearing distance stopped by to listen. In the future we won’t be so fortunate to enjoy their music, as Jeff may have a job in Daytona teaching blind folks how to play music. As of today he hasn’t been told he has the position, and we all wish him well, and he will be very much missed. He is one great man, and we have been blessed to know him.


Last evening Wilma said that she was craving a watermelon. As they are not in season, even here in Florida, she will have to wait a little longer before we might be able to purchase one. But in the meantime I just couldn’t help but to post the photo below on her Facebook page AND on our blog. Watermellon Trailer1

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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