Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Living Room Receives A Face Lift

It’s been along time of planning and work, but finally after 2½ months the Living Room is completed.

It started with me removing the old carpeting. Not just the living room but the adjoining hallway leading to the kitchen, the staircase and hallway leading upstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom.


Then came the painting, starting with the upstairs hallway and the staircase. Note: I Hate Painting On Staircases! 20160609_135957

Next came the installation by Empire of carpeting on the stairs and hallway. We like the outcome.20160613_10264820160613_102709

Then came the painting of the living room and adjoining hallway. Followed by Empire to strip the old sub flooring out and install new sub flooring. 20160628_13513020160628_13515220160628_155513

For a week we had to wait for the new hardwood to acclimate to the humidity level in the house. This is what we looked at for a week.20160628_183401

Finally after a couple phone calls to Empire, (they thought the job was completed!) they sent another crew out to install the hardwood. This crew was more mature and seemed to have much more experience than the first crew. 20160706_103204

We are very pleased with our choice to go with hardwood flooring instead of more carpeting. 20160706_183602

Now that the floor is complete it was time to go shopping for a couple recliner chairs.

Ta-Da…We now have “electric” rocking recliners. The wood rocker does not stay. 20160712_073406

While all this was going on we had our couch and my Grandmothers chair sent out to the local Upholster shop to have them re-upholstered. The before of each:20160603_11235120160604_045404

Ta-Da….They came back looking completely brand new!20160725_10562220160729_184741

We are very pleased with the out come of our “patient” and it’s new “facelift”. 20160730_10032920160730_100354

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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