Thursday, July 14, 2016

Too Busy to Post a Blog Post

It’s been almost 3 months since my last post. Just have been way too busy! With what? Yard work, painting, and a thousand other things.

I had planned on painting the living room and hallway, along with the staircase and upstairs hallway this spring. But first I removed the old carpet. I started with the upstairs hallway working my way down the staircase. Thank goodness I have the Little Giant Ladder to work from when painting that staircase. 20160609_135913

Finally after what seemed like a short life time, the painting of the hallway and staircase was completed. New carpet from Empire was installed with great results. 20160613_102709


Time to start on the living room, it’s in need of a new paint job and new floor. We decided to remove the old carpeting and have hardwood installed. 20160608_09312420160608_093344So started the shopping for hardwood flooring and setting up times for the “estimators” to show up, take measurements and put in their bids. In the mean time I started the painting of the living room and adjoining hallway. 20160627_162611 Next came the installation of the new hardwood floors, or so the installers thought when they arrived. But found that they first needed to remove the old sub floor and install a new sub floor.20160628_122927It took them 9 hours to remove the old sub floor, install the new sub floor, and bring in the new boxes of hardwood. Then stack them so they could acclimate to the home humidity levels. 20160628_183401Another week goes by before I phoned Empire to remind them that this job is not completed! They re-scheduled me the next morning with another crew to install the hardwood. 20160706_103204Finally, a long month from the time I removed the carpet until the new floor is completed! 20160706_181842We are having our couch re-upholstered and don’t expect it until next week sometime.20160712_073421 But we figure our new electric rocking recliners will work until then.20160712_073406

We look forward to enjoying our “new” living room for many many years to come.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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