Monday, August 29, 2016

Hot, Humid Kentucky Vacation

Living in Michigan all my life, close to Lake Saint Clair, I used to think we had some pretty humid summer days and nights. Not so! We have never had hot and humid days and nights like I just experienced in Kentucky this past 11 days! OMG! But the weather did not hamper us from having a great time once again this year staying with Wilma’s brother Eddie and his wife Beth.


Our days started out sitting on the porch of their 100+ year old Kentucky home, drinking our first cup of coffee, listening to the cicadas, or katydids as we call them.

 Image result for pictures of cicadas

Click to hear a Katydid making his sound.

They were loud and continuous once again this year in Kentucky.

After our first cup of coffee we would head for our favorite morning restaurant to get breakfast. 20160819_100658

“Good Ol Boys” is a small family owned restaurant that has been in business for years. They are famous for smoking just about any kind of meat. Their breakfast is as good as home made, we just couldn’t pass it up every morning.

This year Wilma took charge of organizing her High School Class Reunion. Being concerned that there might not be enough classmates attending, she opened it up to several classes to attend. It wasn’t an exceptional large number of classmates that attended, but those who did sure did have a great time! IMG_1338IMG_132820160820_213007IMG_1339

In 3 years there will be another class reunion, and I’m sure when the word gets out there will be a huge number of people attending. From all the feedback Wilma received, it was a success.

The following Saturday the family had their annual “Cousins Reunion”. A few years ago at the reunion a raffle was started to help raise funds to pay for the expenses of putting on the reunion. It was such a huge success that each year more family members brought gifts to auction off.


The road trip to Kentucky and back home was much better on I-69 than the old way we used to go via I-75. We miss all the large cities in Ohio plus a couple in Kentucky. In the near future it will be even better when the last section is completed in Indiana. The only problem was on our way back home. There is a major construction area on I-94 just west of the Airport. Taking 3 lanes down to 1 lane for at least 5 miles gave us a one hour delay, making our trip home take nine and a half hours.

Now comes all the catch up work around the house. Lawn cutting, garden tending, etc.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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