Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another Lesson Learned.

This morning I was looking the photo’s online in my Google Photo’s. Found many to be duplicate.

Thought to myself…..why so many duplicates? Even though they were uploaded to use no space in the cloud, I decided to delete the duplicates. That made it “look” better when viewing them all.

Then I went over to my Blog to re-read my last post! OH NO!!! A PROBLEM WITH THE BLOG!

Do Not Delete Any Photo’s From Your Google Photo’s. Doing so and you will loose the link to those you used in your Blog. I was un-aware that the photo’s somehow are shared between the two Google services.

So, for the past couple hours I tried to re-upload the last post via my “Open Live Writer” software. Google rejected the upload. I then deleted and re-inserted the photo’s in Open Live Writer and re-uploaded. Google rejected the upload again!

As a last resort I went to the Blogger dashboard and created a “new” post. This time Google posted it.

So if you received another notification of an update to my Blog, and noticed it was, or looked to be the same as my last post, you now know the reason.

Sorry to all, and I’ve learned yet another lesson.


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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