Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall...When Days Speed Up

One of the prettiest seasons here where we live, Fall. The colors of the trees this year seem more vibrant than in past years. Maybe because this past summer was so warm and dry.
Neighbors tree turned first this year.
Someone must have been feeding the squirrels this year as there seems to be an abundance of them. Plus they seem to be "not afraid" of getting close to humans and dogs! We had a laugh one morning watching the squirrel tease Kybee. Seemed they were playing a game of Hide and Seek.
Peek A Boo, here I am.

Ever notice how the days seem to "speed up" in the Fall? I sure do. Maybe it's because the days loose sunlight earlier, or maybe because there seems to be so much work that needs to be done. Today, October 25th. just 2 months until Christmas! Wow! 

Yesterday I put the clipping bags on the mower. Caught the clippings along with what leaves were on the grass and spread them in the garden. After mowing the lawn, with shovel in hand, I turned over the earth in the garden covering the layer of leaves/grass clippings. It will rest now until next Spring.

I had a number of things that I wanted done to the 5th. wheel before our Annual trip. Power Vent Fan, Tires, Batteries. I knew that having a 5th. wheel RV, it would be warmer in the bedroom than any other area of the RV. We like it cool when sleeping, and thought that the two windows and roof vent would be adequate. But we found that there wasn't enough air movement to draw out the heat. A couple weeks ago I installed a new Fantastic Roof Vent Fan. That will take care of our needs for cooling in the bedroom.

The next thing that had to be done was replace the "China Bombs" as there called in the RV business with new tires. After doing much research I chose Maxxis Brand Tires. These tires are rated as one of the best for RV's. It's also the ONLY trailer tire manufactured outside China, it being manufactured in Taiwan. 
Photo off of the web, not my tires. 
Discount Tire, where I purchased them, gave me a 10 year warranty! Now I know they won't last that long, and they won't be on my 5th. wheel more than 6 years. 

When traveling we like to stop over night at Walmart once in awhile. The battery that is furnished with a new RV is what I call a "bottom of the line" battery. They are not even "Deep Cycle" but combination deep cycle/starting batteries which sounds like they are a better battery, but their not. When we had the Winnebago Motorhome, we had 2 of those batteries hooked together. They lasted through the night, but we didn't use our furnace. I knew we would need to purchase 2 batteries, so I chose to buy 2 Golf Cart 6 Volt batteries. These are "true" deep cycle batteries and supply power for a much longer time than the original battery. Costco had just 5 of them left on their shelve so I purchased 2 of them at a great price. 

Getting them installed correctly, wired in series, and in their own enclosed/vented container, I'm certain we won't have any problems with not having enough power for a night stop at Walmarts.
 Cables not hooked, but container size is plenty large enough.
Cables hooked up, vent installed, and cover closed. 
The outdoor temps this morning was resting at 38F. Getting close to having to Winterize the RV. That will be done in a day or two. Then just pack a few items that will be needed this winter and we will be ready. 

Celebrated our eldest Grand Daughters birthday the other day. Hit the big 24 this year! Man O Man am I getting OLD!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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