Saturday, October 1, 2016

Outdoors Adventure Grand Haven Park

This was the first time we have seen the city of Grand Haven, and what a pleasant surprise for both of us. We arrived Sunday afternoon, we stayed at Outdoor Adventures Grand Haven Park and our Campsite was a pull through in a lightly wooded area.
Parked behind us was our best friends, Gray and Cheryl. 
The next day we toured The City of Grand Haven. A small “tourist strip” with shops on both sides of the street.

The next day we spent some time at the Grand Haven beach taking in the bright sunshine and dipping our toes in the cool, clean, Lake Michigan waters.
Later we took in the most beautiful sunset. We all agreed it was the “second” most beautiful sunset we have all seen.

We must have taken close to 50 photo’s of it and it’s hard to determine which one looks the best. Of course photos do no justice to the actual view.
The next day another fellow classmate, Don and his wife Gayle, showed up and camped next to us. I didn’t know it at the time, but as kids, Don was my dad’s Free Press delivery boy! Talk about a small world. We decided to go into town for dinner this evening and chose Porto Bello Restaurant
After a great dinner we hung around for the Grand Haven Fountain Show  It lasted for about 20 minutes and not being charged to enjoy it made it all that much better. I tried to capture a photo, but it sure didn’t turn out very well. Be sure to click on the link just above to view their web site.

The next day a kite show on the beach was to be explored by us all. We weren’t sure exactly what that was going to be, and later found out that it was put on by the local businesses that sell the kites. They would let brave persons take a ride out above the lake if they wanted to “try out a kite”.

After returning back to the campground we all decided to take a ride on the Go-Carts. I have never rode a Go-Cart so this was going to be an experience. Don, I and Wilma had our own Go-Carts. Gary and Cheryl shared a “double seat” Go-Cart which allowed Cheryl to snap a few photo’s.
 I haven’t received them as of yet so I can’t post them here now, but some of them came out pretty good for the conditions Cheryl had to take them. Wilma did snap a couple before we started. I’m on the right on the above photo, Don to the left.
Following that adventure was a burger dinner and campfire, which was our last evening at the park.
We all had a great time and look forward to doing another trip next year.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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