Saturday, November 12, 2016

Applebee's Veteran Day Experience

 Applebee's Restaurant started to acknowledged Veterans on Veterans Day by giving them a free meal since 2008.

For years now, Wilma and I have been going there on Veterans Day. Not just for the free meal that they gave me, but for the atmosphere with the variety of Vets that show up.

Yesterday when we arrived around 3pm. I checked in to put my name on the waiting list as there were at least 6 Veterans with their spouses ahead of me. I was asked, "How many", I said two. Then she asked "How many Vets" I said one. She then took my name and told me it would be about 30-45 minutes.

My name was called in 20 minutes. We were escorted to our seat and told our waiter would be with us shortly. We waited what seemed like about 15 minutes before our waiter showed up with an apology that we had to wait so long for him.

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Veterans could choose a meal from the menu above. Drinks and Gratuity not included in a free meal.

We gave him our order and within another 15 minutes we had our delicious meals. I had the "Butcher's Meat and Potatoes, Wilma had the Oriental Chicken Salad.

After dinner our waiter brought me our bill and mentioned, "Your check sir, zero balance, all zero's". Then he walked away.
Waiter's name, table, and identifying marks are blackened out.

I couldn't believe my eyes, and Wilma motioned to the waiter that we needed him. When he returned we explained that only I was the Veteran, not Wilma. He said "I understand, have a great day and thank you".

I was taken aback. Wow what a wonderful thing just happened.

I told him don't leave, I reached for my wallet and handed him a generous tip for waiting on us.

We don't know if our waiter paid our bill, if the management ok'd our bill to be paid or what. But Wilma and I are both appreciative of what happened and continue to support Applebee's.

Until next time be Safe and God Bless.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Surprise From My State Senator

When I went to the mailbox yesterday something stood out and got my attention. A large brown envelope addressed to me from the Senate.

Upon opening it I found this: (I cropped the photo removing my name and address at the top)

Wow! What a surprise and a great feeling, that I had been remembered this year on the 50th. Anniversary of the Vietnam war.

I think I've found a home for the pin. A place I will be displaying it proudly, almost on a daily basis.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, November 4, 2016

A Walk Through The Neighborhood

Just gotta love taking a walk this time of year. The trees are in full color, leaves crunching under your feet, the smell of dry leaves, all though I do miss the smell of burning leaves.

I had the truck in the service dept. at the Ford dealer yesterday morning at 7:45am. Had to get the Brake Master Cylinder replaced under a Safety recall. Decided to have the oil changed and tires rotated also while it was in service. Ford supplied a no charge shuttle ride back home and would pick me up when the truck was completed. I was back home by 8:30am and received a phone call at 3:30pm that the truck was ready and they would send the shuttle ride to pick me up. 
I was back home with the truck in the garage by 5pm, just enough daylight to run the Toro over the lawn and pick up the leaves. Filled 5 containers full of leaves for pick up in the morning.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.