Saturday, December 3, 2016

Medical Alert Stops Snowbird Flight

As of today, our expected "Snowbird Flight" was scheduled for December 7th. But we have no possible way of leaving as of yet.

A couple weeks ago, Wilma began having severe hip pain. It became so severe that she was taken to the Emergency Room for treatment. After a day and a half in the Hospital she was diagnosed with an inflamed intestine, I believe it is called Diverticulitis. She was released with 3 different types of medications to take to clear up the condition.

A week later we were in to see our Primary Care Doctor. The hip pain had increased, so much so that it was getting impossible for her to sleep. We noticed a few spots formed on her lower back just above her left hip where all the pain was originating. The Dr. diagnosed it as Shingles.
The Dr. has prescribed her to take an Antiviral medication, plus two types of pain medications. The medications seem to relieve "some" of the severe hip pain, but at times it's so bad that we have discussed returning her to the Emergency Room possibly for hospitalization and treatment.

We have heard that Shingles comes with a skin sensitive, severe burning rash and blisters. So far she has not experienced that. Her blisters are skin sensitive with minor burning. The severe hip joint pain is the worst. There is no doubt that she is in more hip pain than I had with both of my hip replacements.

Seeing her go through this has jolted me into getting the Shingles Vaccine shot. Maybe, just maybe it will spare me of having to go through this terrible disease. For those persons, especially over the age of 60, I would strongly recommend getting the vaccine. Just hearing about people who have experienced Shingles is not as scary as actually seeing one suffer through it. Especially a loved one.

We ask for your prayers in a speedy recovery for Wilma, with no lingering pain.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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