Friday, December 16, 2016

Snowbird Trip Begins

We left at 9am Wednesday. Temps were 13F and breezy. Our plan for the day was the usual first stop just north of Lexington KY. at the Horsepark Campground. It was an 8 hour drive, checking in at 5pm with a Veteran's discount it cost us $23 for the night.
Wilma was exhausted and in pain when we arrived. She had taken her pain pills and went to bed by 6:30pm for the night. This 8 hour ride proved it was too long for her with the Shingles pain.

She woke up in the middle of the night needing another pain pill. Thursday morning she felt better after a restless night. We pulled out and she mentioned she felt well enough to stop at Cracker Barrel for a brunch, which we did. Had a wonderful "dinner at noon" with our "chicken fried chicken" plate. Wilma had a small piece of chicken left over that Kybee enjoyed before hitting the highway.

Usually our plan would be to stop just after crossing over the Tennessee/Georgia state line, but that would be another 8 hour drive. I wasn't going to put Wilma through another night like last night, so plans were changed.

After 5 hours of driving we were between Knoxville and Chattanooga Tennessee. We saw a KOA sign and chose to take a chance and stay here. Usually I don't care for KOA campgrounds because most of them were built when RV's were much smaller. But we were pleasantly surprised with this choice. We spent Thursday night at Sweetwater, Tennessee KOA had a full hook up, pull thru almost perfect level site. Very nice campground abit pricey like most KOA campgrounds at $42. We will keep this location for future stops if needed.

Today with a 5 hour limit drive we should be somewhere south of Atlanta, GA. Not looking forward to Atlanta with it's 24/7 "rush hour"! 😓 But taking the route Garmin chooses, and taking it slowly we should be alright.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.


  1. THe horse park was a regular stop on our way north or south, but it has been a few years since were in that area.

    1. Love reading your blog, have a great winter in Sunny Florida and I look forward to reading your blogs during your stay in Florida. I tried to add you to Facebook again, but it, for some reason wont allow me.