Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Pain From Shingles

Wilma is in week 7 of Shingles symptoms. Can't enjoy the beautiful weather we are having here in Florida, can't even attend any function. Energy level is at an all time low.

She wanted so badly to get away for a while and go for a ride. We chose to go to the new Dollar General store that was built this past summer. She managed to walk about half the isles, which is not her style. Normally she would walk every isle and look at every item. For those who have been to Dollar General stores, you know they are not huge stores. We left with a few items and drove back home, where she sat and tried to gain her strength back. But it didn't happen. Yesterday evening was very bad with nerve pain in her left side. The same pain area since the start of Shingles 7 weeks ago last Monday.
Resting after our trip to Dollar General.

I thought I was taking good care of her in her time of need, but I may have failed. She was given several RX's to take for the shingles. One of them was Gabapentin to be taken nightly before bed. When the pain subsided she would not take it because of some of the side effects.
Yesterday she was notified by CVS that her RX was ready for pick up. Huh?? She called CVS, was told Gabapentin was ready for pick up, she cancelled the order as it was in Michigan and we are in Florida.

This made me start thinking more about this drug. Why did the Dr. set up another order of Gabapentin? So this morning I was on the Web checking out further about the drugs prescribed for Shingles. Gabapentin was one of them to stop nerve pain, which we knew.

My thoughts now are that she needs to take the Gabapentin every evening even if the pain is decreased. If the side affects become too severe then a call the our Dr. will be placed.

We surely do not want another evening and night like last night! Way too much pain for her to endure.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. I am sooo sorry to hear of Wilma's shingles. I have had it a few years ago and it lasted a long time too. It kicks the stuffing out of a person. I did not take any pills but I used Zostrix cream. That seemed to reduce the pain considerably. One has to wear gloves to apply it but it worked for me.
    Good luck and hopes for recovery soon. Have a better New Year!