Sunday, January 31, 2016

Record Rainfall–Slide Toppers

Nothing exciting happened this past week, unless you can call listening to the rain on the roof exciting. We had 2 straight days and a night of constant rain this past week alone.


Each day we looked out of the window we saw grey cloudy skies. The temps weren’t bad as they reached the high 50’s to low 60’s during the day. But no sunshine here in the Sunshine State.


The local weather reports on TV showed the amounts of rain in the 48 hour period. We are North of North Fort Myers, so I would guess we had just over 5” of rain in that 48 hour period. They were reporting record rainfalls in Southwest Florida for the month of January. Normal January rainfall is about 2”. We had a total of just under 13”. That’s alot of rain!

Mobil Home Lots for Rent under water.

Some of the empty “Mobil Home” sites here in our RV Park became small lakes. Give it about a week and the water should be gone. That is if we do not get any more rain storms.

Yesterday we had what is called in the RV industry, “Slide Toppers” installed on all three of our slides.


They help keep the rain from possibly leaking inside the trailer. But the most important feature is that it prevents any debris from trees of landing on top of the slide while extended.


The only way to remove any debris would be to get on a ladder with my extension handled scrub brush and push or pull the debris off. So having these installed saves me a step when getting ready to move, that could be overlooked very easy. The very last thing you want to do is close up the slide with tree branches and leaves on the roof of it.


They look great and we were satisfied with the installation. Nightfall came, Wilma went to turn on the light over the kitchen table and it wouldn’t go on. I looked at the fuse panel and noticed the 12volt fuse was blown. My guess is that one of the screws used in the installation hit a 12 volt wire in the wall shorting it out. Not Good At All! So I placed another call to the installer.

Around 4pm Ellis RV Repair drove up. Smile 20160131_172645

He asked if I would show him inside the RV where the lights are located. After a brief discussion, he headed outside to take a look and remove some screws. 20160131_173555Within a half hour he found the screw that pierced the 12 volt wire and blew the fuse. A new fuse was inserted in the fuse panel and we now have our lights back. They did say they were going to notify the factory and let them know that the wire harness is actually installed incorectly and advise them to make any adjustments that will cure this problem for other installers.

On a lighter note, the weather looks like it’s going to get nicer this week.


A little improvement from the past week, and we hope those clouds with rain will blow away from us.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Band, A Birthday, A Bowl of Soup

It’s been a fairly busy week for us this past week between the rainy days.

The RV Park welcomed Latitude to perform last Monday evening.

160118 Lattitude Band

They sing a varity of music but I believe they do the best with their “John Denver” skit. Tom sings EXACTLY like John Denver. You can’t tell them apart. This married couple was well worth the $15 entry fee charged and included a dinner.

Moving on to yesterday, 5 of us neighbors put on a “Surprise” birthday party for another neighbor. This was a very special surprise as we found out later when Ann told us that she had never had a Surprise birthday party in her life. 20160123_133442

It brought on tears of joy, which touched us all.


Then last night was the annual “Soup” night. Just a $2 charge for as much soup as you could eat. Choice of two different soups, bean and ham or turkey vegetable. Both were delicious.


Above photo, I’m to the far left in the blue shirt next to Dennis in the red shirt.

Wilma is just out of the photo sitting across from me.



Today we are expecting a cousin of Wilma’s to visit us that lives here in Florida.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tornado Warning!!!

This is not my idea of fun, getting woke up at 4:45am from the phone with a Tornado Warning Take Cover! We all knew for the last 3 days that there would be another storm blowing through our area on Sunday. Didn’t think it would be so early Sunday morning. The RV shook a little bit, but nothing to worry about.


Letting the dog out, I did first notice the large patio rug was blown up against the RV Tires. The weight of our small beverage fridge kept it from blowing away. I looked up to see if my wi-fi antenna was still up, which it was. Open-mouthed smileThumbs up it is at the top of a 15’ PVC mast strapped to the ladder on the rear of the RV. However I did loose my new grill cover….but the heavy grill didn’t move and is still here. I really expect to see alot of damaged awnings this morning. I, knowing about the storm was on it’s way, stored my awning last night before going to bed, which saved me some $$$.

On to nicer things….

Yesterday morning after breakfast Wilma and I walked up to the club house for the “Yard Sale” that is held every year. Didn’t find anything that we just had to have except for a donut and coffee. Embarrassed smile

Following that I rode the bike to the public boat launch on Lettuce Lake.


Just had to get this photo of the sun shinning through the Palm tree.


It’s called Lettuce Lake, but to me it just looks like a wide river. It’s connected to the Gulf so the tide rises and falls in it every day.


Undeveloped area’s along the edge where one can find native birds and Gators hanging out.

Yesterday afternoon, our neighbors had a “band practice” for all of us to enjoy. These two guys, Jim from New Hampshire playing the guitar, and Jeff from Texas playing the keyboards are fantastic! They entertained us for at least 3 hours.


The sun shinning, and the weather and music was just great for all of us to enjoy.




Before we knew it the time was getting close for us to head for the Moose Lodge in Punta Gorda to have a “Rib Dinner”. We have never had a bad meal from the Moose as of yet, and you just can’t beat the price. Two dinners for $19.50!



What a great time we all had! Wilma said she was the designated driver so that allowed me to enjoy some adult beverages with my meal! Well… a few more than what would have been allowed to have before driving anyway. Winking smile

Today we are scheduled to go to the Arcadia Moose to play “Road Kill Bingo”. We have never played this before but from what our friends tell us it is a blast also, with a chance to win an assortment of meats. Fun you all say! Count Wilma and I in!!!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Yet another day today of rainy, windy weather! A break is scheduled for Saturday, but then another storm is heading our way on Sunday. At least that is what we just heard from the weather man on TV.
Wilma and I just went outside and took down the sunscreen that is attached to the awning. Then with a push of a button the awning was rolled up to the storage position. Now we won’t have to worry if those strong gusty winds show up later today as forcasted. According to the 7 day forcast I don’t think we will need the awning down until Tuesday at the earliest. Sad smile
Yesterday being Thursday, the weekly “Jam” was again scheduled to start at 1:30. I really enjoy listening to our fellow campers play their instruments and sing songs. There were 14 musicians from 3 different RV parks that assembled in our Club House yesterday. They played for over 2 hours, each having a turn or two to pick a song of their choice. It just amazes me how when one musician picks a song and starts playing it that the rest of them join in playing.

Not much else going on while we sit in the trailer and listen to the rain.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby Gator

Dennis took me on a short ride on his Golf Cart yesterday. We drove over to our Neighbor RV Park across the street, Lettuce Lake RV Park. He told me of a Gator in one of the small drainage ditches, so I was anxious to see it.
Yesterday and last night we had alot of rain. Even had some thunder and lightning. Most of the small drainage ditches in the park were still draining water back to Lettuce Lake, which the park backs up to. So I figure with all the rain the last 24 hours it made it easy for the little guy to travel up out of the Lake and into the park.
20160110_155023 I would say he was about 4 foot long. Above photo shows the gator with Denny’s reflection from the other side of the ditch.
And getting closer to him to get a photo put him on guard. He looked at me, opened his mouth showing me all his pointy teeth and snarled at me. Foam actually came out of his right eye when he snarled! Made my hair stand on end and got my attention quickly! So I stopped advancing and took the photo’s and a short video.
Click on this link for Video
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome Back Party

Every year around this time, the owner of the park hosts a “Welcome Back” party. He furnishes liquid beverages of all kinds and Pizza. Jeff our neighbor who is a keyboard player furnished the music for the evening.
20160108_A few of the Snowbirds
Last year while we were at an outdoors restaurant, a Gecko jumped on Wilma’s shoulder. A scream from her made the Gecko run for cover… right across her lips to her other shoulder and leap off.
20160108_Un-Aware of the Gecko above
This year the Gecko re-appeared. The photo above showes it on the screen just above Wilma. She does not know as of yet how close he will get to her.
She notices him and begins her Welcome signs to him. Open-mouthed smile
20160108_Off the hair please.
A Walmart plastic bag was used for assurance that he would not jump down into her hair. By this time the rest of us are enjoying a good laugh at poor Wilma’s expense.
20160108_Don't Jump!
Getting closer to her on the side screen, he is getting ready to “Welcome” her to Florida. She uses a paper dish for defense.
20160108_Plate Deflector
Mr. Gecko refuses to take the hint and leave! Wilma draws back with fright! Surprised smileDisappointed smile
It wasn’t long and he left, going back to where he came from, to Wilma’s relief.
It wasn’t long and the liquid refreshments, along with the great music, brought many to their feet to dance around the pool.
And it wasn’t much longer before a few of the snowbirds found their feathers wet in the pool! Party smile
Everyone had a great time, getting re-acquainted with our “Winter Family” again. After the party wound down, we all ended up under our awning for a “Group Photo”.
20160108_The Gang after the party
The matching shirts??? Our section of the RV Park many years ago was given a nick name of “The Hood”. Don’t know exactly why, maybe the late parties that were held most evenings. We all decided it would be a great time to wear our “It’s All Good In The Hood” shirts. They were a big hit with the Snowbirds, with many chuckles and fun comments.
This morning we rode our bikes over to our sister park, Lettuce Lake RV Park. They were holding a “Garage Sale” and we didn’t find anything that we couldn’t do without, so we left empty handed. Thumbs upBe right back
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.