Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yet Another Tornado Close Call

This past week we had another Tornado Warning alert. Everyone in the park was aware of the storm that was heading our way the evening before it hit. Most of us closed our awnings and put chairs and tables away, except for a couple that thought otherwise. He found out that even roping the awning poles to a tree wouldn’t help. Outcome: awning destroyed.

Wilma and I watched the local weather reports on the TV showing the tracking of the storm and the most possible area’s that could see a tornado. We were in the direct path of one of two that were predicted!

The storm came in the early afternoon around 1 pm. The rain was heavy, causing small rivers of water throughout the park running toward the lake. We had one just behind our 5th. wheel, about 2 feet wide and maybe 2 inches deep. Doesn’t sound too large but it was moving fast, convincing me that there was more rainfall than what I’ve seen fall in such a short time.

Then the “Tornado Warning” alarm came across my smart phone telling us to take cover. Yea right….let’s see, our choices here are the trailer, the truck, or maybe the club house made of plywood with warning signs posted that the building is not a storm shelter.

I watched the sky toward the South West, the direction that the storm was coming from, from inside the 5th. wheel. The weather report on TV said a tornado touched down, destroying a roof of a home and moving cars and trucks around a neighborhood just 7 miles from us. Looking out the window I first noticed the Live Oak trees blowing in circles just a few streets behind us. Then the wind hit! Did it ever hit us hard! From the sound of it, the actions of the trees as branches that went whizzing by, I would guess the speed to be upward of 60 MPH at least. The 5th. wheel rocked slightly, the stabilizers holding us secure like they were designed for. I have to admit this wind gave me a scare! for what seemed like 5 minutes but probably only a minute or so, before the wind stopped. Within 10 minutes there was no wind at all and the sun was shinning. The storm had passed. We all believe the tornado that took the roof off of the house 7 miles away must have lifted up over us as it went by. One RV’er said she actually watched the water that had formed in a large puddle near her RV start to spin and get sucked up out of the puddle, making the water look like a miniature tornado.  The local weather reports on TV said the violent weather that is happening is from the Elneno affect and that we could have this type of weather extending into the month of March.

We have once more been blessed, and spared any damage.20160223_174204


On a lighter note, our neighbors put on another “Camp Jam” this past week.12745503_10206187155303537_6152642118595763166_n



The keyboard player is blind and his dog, Ian, seems to look like he has heard it all before.20160223_151124

Jeff and Jim are excellent musicians, and everyone within hearing distance stopped by to listen. In the future we won’t be so fortunate to enjoy their music, as Jeff may have a job in Daytona teaching blind folks how to play music. As of today he hasn’t been told he has the position, and we all wish him well, and he will be very much missed. He is one great man, and we have been blessed to know him.


Last evening Wilma said that she was craving a watermelon. As they are not in season, even here in Florida, she will have to wait a little longer before we might be able to purchase one. But in the meantime I just couldn’t help but to post the photo below on her Facebook page AND on our blog. Watermellon Trailer1

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Country Fair Extravaganza

The Management of the RV Park we are at, Oak Haven, sponsored a Country Fair Extravaganza that was held yesterday.

Our Managers, George and Hilary were also having a great time participating. 20160219_141855 Park's Managers

Can’t forget the Park’s Maintenance Crew, Dave and Danae.20160219_125526 Park's Maintenance Crew

A large “tent” was erected with tables and chairs, and a live band playing at the one end of the tent.20160219_125247 Live Music

There were games set up for those who wanted to test their skills.20160219_123738 Fair Games

Park Clowns strolling around ready for any shenanigans.20160219_115530 Clown Russ20160219_123702 Park Clowns

A “face painter” for those who just had to have a painting on their face.20160219_123557 Face Painting

Wilma chose a butterfly.20160219_123909 Butterfly

There was popcorn and cotton candy. Grills, (5 of them) cooking Brats and Chicken Breasts for the free sandwiches.20160219_144017 Cotton Candy20160219_134805 Food Line

It was a great way to spend an afternoon with our “Winter Family” here at the park.

This evening a Chicken dinner that will be served under the “Tent”.  After dinner country singer Brett Baker and his wife Patti will perform. As we first saw them last year, we are looking forward to yet another great fun filled evening of great entertainment.IMG_2004IMG_1700.JPG

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Day At The RV Park

The day was spent just hanging around the RV park with nothing planned. As Angel said, it takes a day like this to just stop and take in the wonderful weather, blue skies and Palm Trees.
It wasn’t long after breakfast that the sun warmed things up enough to take a dip in the pool.IMG_1268
Brooke made fun about how warm the water was, being warmer than the already warm air. I told her they had to keep the pool warm so the “old people” (which I and Nana aren’t) wouldn’t have a heart attack when entering the pool. 12717234_10153861877555138_6519313671639269024_n
After the swim and lunch, Brooke borrowed our friends (Dennis and Kathy) Golf Cart and went exploring. First trip was with her mom Angel, and Nana. When they returned they were laughing so hard at Angel that they could hardly catch their breath. Seems while riding through “the bush” Angel kept hearing wild pigs. Neither Brooke nor Nana heard it, but Angel kept on about hearing it actually getting a scared look on her face. I guess you could say she was freaking out a little which made it that more entertaining. 20160217_143953
I needed to see the “bush” area so Brooke drove me on the Golf Cart.20160217_143526
Of course I had to pretend I was petrified from her driving!20160217_143647
But she did a great job driving and giving me the guided tour of the “bush”. 20160217_143851
When it was time for dinner we wanted to take them to the Moose Lodge for “Taco Night”. It’s just amazing how good their food is, the quantity and choices you get, for such an inexpensive price! We loaded up in my truck. Dennis, Kathy and Greg in the other truck, and headed for the Punta Gorda Moose. 20160217_171434
Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and even though the photo doesn’t show it, we all had a great time with much laughter.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, Siesta Key Beach

For those who visit Florida’s west coast, a stop at Siesta Key Beach is a must. It has been rated at America’s #1 Beach. On Monday we left the RV and headed to the beach. It is about 50 miles away so we allowed for travel time. Even with over 900 parking spaces, sometimes it’s a challenge to find an open one.

Arriving at the beach parking lots we noticed that there is much construction being done. Many more parking spots are being added making it a breeze to find a parking spot. Between the parking lots and the beach is a welcome center with a diner and wash rooms. 20160215_101721


We stopped there prior to walking out to the beach front. The sand is like white flour. Semi packed, cool and soft to the touch. IMG_1266

No problem finding a “perfect” spot to enjoy a few hours on the beach as there was a stiff wind blowing keeping many “snowbirds” away. But not us! 12728981_10153860055905138_5203455654647690868_n



A walk to dunk the toes in the Gulf20160215_102941

would work up a hunger for a sandwich and some chips.20160215_103803

But be very careful!!! As Angel and Brooke found out those Sea Gulls hanging around are waiting to grab your lunch right out of your hands. Angel only got one bite of her turkey sandwich before a Gull swooped in and grabbed it out of her hand. Brooke was almost attacked for her chips.

Just as these folks found out as he lost 2 sandwiches taken out of his hand at once! 20160215_111659

Brooke found the only way to eat is to hide the source from the birds20160215_110633

The Sea Gulls here are the most aggressive Gulls I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some agressive Gulls in my days of travel.

The beach is 8 miles long, so walking it from one end to another may take some time.20160215_102653


Yet another great sunny day, abit a little breezy on the beach, but a memorable day indeed.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Kids on Vacation

Daughter Angel and Grand daughter Brooke arrived here last Thursday night at 11:30pm. 20160211_181702The bed was made and awaited them when they arrived.

Everyone was up and ready to go by 8:30am Friday, and the first thing on the agenda was to “get some sun”.20160212_124747

They will be here for 6 days leaving at 6am next Friday morning. There is just so much to do in such a short time! 12688380_10153855446515138_562882996658582586_n - Copy

Angel even got a chance to see “Rusty the Gator” at our sister RV Park next door. Rusty is the name that was given him because of his rust color probably from the culvert that he stays in.

They just “hung out” around the RV park, riding the bikes taking in all the sunshine and view’s. That evening we went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel. 20160213_174637


Much has been planned for today, a trip to Fisherman’s Village and from there dinner at Lashley Crab House. Fisherman’s Village is one of our special places to visit in Punta Gorda. Many shops to wander through, a beautiful marina, and more than one restaurant if you are in for a meal of any kind.

10612791_10153858165215138_8722149851633837245_n 12719645_10153858173290138_8632838338358438063_o




              The warm sunshine kept our spirits high and what a wonderful day we all had at Fisherman’s Village.



We had 4pm reservations at Lashley’s Crab House for dinner, so we left Fisherman’s Village with plenty of time on our hands. We knew with it being Valentine’s Day that Lashley’s would be very crowded, which it was. 20160214_14330220160214_143245

Being very early, we had to wait before they would check us in. So we decided to walk over to their Marina and take in the view’s.




We were notified after an hour’s wait that our table was ready. An outdoor “waterside” table with a great view that was worth waiting for. IMG_124920160214_160244


Wilma and Angel ordered the King Crab leg dinner. 20160214_162821


Brooke ordered a Ribeye Steak dinner. IMG_1254

I ordered the “Lobster Lobster Lobster” dinner.IMG_1253

You just can’t explain the delicious dinner’s we had. Brooke even made a comment how good her steak was and gave us all a small taste. I have to say it was the best steak I have ever had! Not to mention the Lobster and the taste of of King Crab that I had. It’s one of those restaurants that you go to once a year on special occasions.

Returning home, we sat out under the awning and talked about what a great day it had been. Angel and Brooke decided to take a bike ride to the boat ramp on Lettuce Lake before nightfall. 12697267_10153858231380138_3288955970148933434_o

The photo Angel took above is the perfect sunset to a wonderful and memorable day!