Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Computers, Mowers, Doors and More

We have been home from Florida a little over 2 weeks now, and we still find we have something that needs to be done each and every day. Not saying that’s a bad thing, as it keeps us busy.
Before we left Florida on the 6th. of April, we were told I-75 in Tennessee should be open again going North. We knew there was a rock slide that had completely closed both Northbound and Southbound lanes almost 2 months ago. A few days before we left I had an alternative route planned, just in case I-75 was still closed.
As we entered Tennessee we stopped at the welcome center and inquired about the rock slide. We were told that all South bound lanes were open, and just 1 North bound lane is open. We decided to stay on I-75 as there was no real hurry to get home by a special date.
By the time we passed the area, it looked as though they were finishing up on the removal of the rocks. We had no problem with traffic as we timed it to go through the construction area in the mid morning.

Arriving home after a 3 day trip, we both were ready for a day to rest up. The house checked out great thanks to our Daughter Angel who recommended a friend to change out our broken hot water tank prior to our arrival. That was a lifesaver for me.
A couple days later I was at my brothers home to load up Windows 10 on their computer. With backing up everything just in case of problems and then installing the Windows 10 operating system, more than a couple hours went by. Everything went smoothly and I enjoyed the time talking with my brother and his wife during the upgrade.
A couple days later I replaced my Daughter’s computer. We had trouble with her computer last fall with the mother board heating up. Linux was installed on it which is less strain on the computer components. But it died on her again in late March. I took my Windows 7 desktop computer, cleaned all my files and programs off of it and took it over to her place. Set it up and in a couple hours she was back online with a perfect Windows 7 computer. She was extremely happy. Now I’m left with my 6 year old HP laptop running Win 10 and a fairly new Asus Chromebook, which both Wilma and I love.
Dad mentioned he can’t get his Lawn Tractor started. He has had problems with the fuel system in the past so I thought this might be what the problem is.

Turned out to be a bad battery. After charging it up overnight, I installed it and turned the key. Nothing. So off to the Auto Parts store to purchase a new battery. After it was installed, I turned the key and the tractor sprung into life. So I decided to give the back yard a cut for him.
Couple days later he told me that the garage door opener quit. I gave him a phone number of the small company that worked on replacing my garage door springs. A week later dad told me he has a new opener but now the garage lights don’t work. What????? I tried to tell him that the opener doesn’t have anything to do with the lights but he insisted they no longer work and before the opener was installed they did work. I went over to check them out and found nothing wrong. Put a bulb in one of the light sockets, turned on the light switch and presto….the light turned on. I looked at him and asked if he had tried putting in a light bulb. Of course he changed the story to something else. I’m getting the feeling that something is happening to him, or he really missed me this past winter and this might be his way of getting me over to see him more often. Turning 89 next month I suspect my first thoughts, time will tell.
Dad’s garage was built in 1960 and at that time Taylor doors was a big name. The old one piece door has seen it’s day so yesterday I contacted two contractors that install garage doors to give me an estimate on replacing the door. Today a new sectional door hangs on the 56 year old garage.
Tomorrow….let’s see….looking at my “honey do list” it looks like I’m going to be changing the cartridges in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. That ought to take at least half a day. Then the grass needs cutting again!Never a dull moment!
Man O Man it’s great to be back home for the summer.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Snow Birds are Leaving

The RV Park is starting to empty out. Most “snowbirds” have reservation dates from January 1st. to April 1st. This also includes those who stay in Condo’s. One of the perks of an RV park over a Condo is that you can extend your stay, which is what we have done. Mainly because of the flow of traffic going north from Florida.
The weather here is starting to warm up with high humidity. You can actually see the humidity with this photo below this morning.

You just know it’s humid when there is water on the truck every morning. No, it didn’t rain last night.

As you can see from the empty concrete slabs, there are many open RV sites waiting for next season’s snowbirds.

Tomorrow we are heading for a visit to Wilma’s sister Connie who rented a condo in Cape Coral. Monday we will start to pack the remaining items that are outside, Tuesday a last run to Walmart to purchase any items we may need for the 3 day trip home, and on Wednesday we leave sunny Florida.
The weekly weather comparison looks like we are going to get a cold weather shock when we arrive home.

We have had a very good time while here in Florida this year, but “hitch itch” (homesick) is starting to set in and we are ready to head home. Although our 5th. wheel is great to stay in, we both miss our real home in Michigan, plus we are really starting to miss the kids and grand kids.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.