Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Work At Dad's House

Dad has been out of his house for a little over 2 weeks now. My sister Catherine, her husband Scott, Wilma, and I have been extra busy getting the house ready to put on the market.

I first phoned a friend of ours that is in real estate. She met me at the house and gave me some pointers as what we need to do to make the home qualified to be able to sell under an FHA or VA mortgage. First was the electrical panel. It had to be replaced with a new 100 Amp. circuit breaker box. Scott knew a licensed electrician that would be able to bring the electrical up to code. He spent most of the day, June 14th. doing just that.
He didn't have with him the plates needed to complete the job so I will be going to Home Depot in a few days to purchase the needed plates. It's great to have the house brought up from 1960 electrical code to modern day electrical code.

Next was the basement wall. It has been moving inward now for several years. Dad even commented to me last year that he heard the house make a "boom" noise. He seemed to think it was the basement wall moving, and it probably was. Along with getting the basement wall repaired, the driveway cement needs to be replaced.
My realtor said I could just add a patching compound to "ramp" all the joints that have heaved. It would "look bad" but would pass inspection.
As I don't want anything standing in the way of a sale, I have decided, with the help of Scott, that the entire drive will be replaced along with the porch.
We won't stop there as the garage needs some tuck pointing done. I guess 57 long years will show signs of aging on cement and mortar just like it does on us humans.

I should be contacted today by the contractor we have chosen to do the repair work. We will be putting a deposit of $300 down to start the process of getting the permits and scheduling done. Then when a start date has been assigned, a deposit for half the total amount will be needed. I'm getting anxious and want this job completed ASAP.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Busy Month And Dad’s New Home.

This past month Wilma and I, along with my little sis Catherine, have been chasing our tails! Didn’t even have time to make a post for the whole month of May!

So, let’s get everyone up to speed.

First off my younger brother Ken is not doing well at all health-wise. Wilma has been preparing his dinners for him now going on 2 months.
His wife Margie had a hip replacement and has had one setback after another in the rehab center. Even had to undergo another surgery to repair the femur bone that was broken from being miss handled in the nursing home rehab center. 

The passing of my Eldest Aunt Ella at the age of 101. She was my father’s last living sibling. Dad turned 90 on May 21st. the day she passed away. Aunt Ella's Obituary Link This was the second funeral we attended in the month of May.

Three weeks ago Wilma did something to her left knee. She doesn’t remember twisting it or spraining it somehow, but she has been in pain and is still walking with a limp. Looks like a trip to the Doctors is in order.

OK….enough with the bad news already!!!

Got my garden planted a couple weeks ago. Instead of planting 20 tomato plants, I cut back to 12 plants. Added 8 pepper plants, 2 asparagus plants and a mess of green beans. We still have tomato juice and salsa left over from last year so this years canning will be chunks of tomato’s used in chili and spaghetti.

Sister Catherine has been busy finding a senior living center for Dad. He doesn’t want to admit it but the house he has lived in since 1960 is just too much work for him. The lot size is 50’ X 250’. He uses a walk behind mower for the front lawn, the back lawn he uses his rider mower.
Last week was his last time for doing that job. The neighbor spoke to me yesterday as the movers were loading his selected furniture to be moved to his new apartment, and told me that he was watching him cut his lawn the other day and noticed that he was really slowing down from previous years. Dad even mentioned to me that he was tired when he finished cutting the front lawn. He always insisted on doing his own work around the house. Whenever I suggested that I would come over to cut the lawn for him he would tell me “No, I can cut my own lawn”. He never wanted to “put anyone out”.

Last week he watched as sis Catherine began boxing up items to take to the apartment.
Catherine walked him through the house and let him pick which furniture items and wall photos he wanted for his new apartment. We knew it was hard for him to make decisions but Catherine coaxed him and together they made the choices.

Yesterday, June 5th, Catherine and I met at the house at 9:30 am. She was going to take him shopping for a pair of pants, take him to lunch and then over to Ken’s house for a visit. I was to stay at the house and guide the movers as to what items were to be loaded and moved. Then meet them at the apartment keeping an eye on the movers. We used Two Men And A Truck and were pleased with the work they did.

This day came with mixed feelings for me. Dad moved his family into that house the summer of 1960. I was just 10 years old. Mom was pregnant with the youngest sister Catherine. I have many fond memories of family events in that home. Memories that I hope to keep forever. The house, however, will be sold and another family will begin to make their memories. There is much more work that has to be done. Catherine and I have to prepare to have an estate sale. Sell all the items left at the house, then list the home for sale. We are hoping to have it sold prior to October.

After a busy day, Catherine and I had all his items placed in his apartment.
As Catherine took a breather, I headed over to my home to pick up Brother Ken’s dinner that Wilma prepared. Delivered it to Ken and then Dad and I headed over to his new apartment.

I wish I could have gotten a photo of Dad when we first opened the door and he looked inside to see all his furniture set up waiting for him. He actually broke a smile! Catherine then gave him the grand tour showing him where all his “things” were placed. Told him she had to head home, but would be returning at 8 am so she could have breakfast with him in the dining room.

I stayed with him talking for a while, then we both headed SLOWLY to the dining room. I wanted to make sure he was grasping the directions to the dining room, as that is where he will be eating his 3 meals a day.

After a delicious dinner, I asked if he remembered how to return to his apartment. “Yes, I’m pretty sure” was the answer so I said I would walk with him back to the apartment. He did excellent as he did remember the directions back, which is only 2 left turns in the hallways. But with age, it’s becoming more of a challenge for him to remember. Before leaving him, I explained the door dead bolt to him and that he must keep it locked at all times. That after I leave to lock it. I said my goodbye and told him that Wilma and I would be back tomorrow at 5 pm to go with him to dinner in the dining room. He said ok, smiled, and closed the door. I listened for the dead bolt, nothing. Gave him a couple minutes then opened the door. I reminded him that he needs to lock the dead bolt, and proceeded to show him again how it’s done. Finally asking him, “Got It?” His response was “Yep, now I got it.” He closed the door and I heard the dead bolt lock.

He had to try to learn much today. He didn’t even ask about his car that is in the garage back home.  With the moving and new surroundings, I pray he will be alright and start to enjoy life. He no longer will have to mow grass, which I will do now, just as I did all the years I lived at the house, shovel snow, do laundry, or even make his bed. He will be treated like a king. Laundry, housekeeping, meals, all being done now for him.

It’s a bittersweet feeling for me to see him at this point in his life. But, I know he is safe now. No more fear of him falling down the basement stairs to do his laundry, or having health issues with no one around to help him. At his apartment, he wears a pendant to push if he needs any kind of help. There are pull cords in his bedroom and bathroom in case he needs help of any kind. Now I only hope he doesn’t think “if I pull the cord or push the button I’ll be putting someone out”.

Until Next Time, Be Safe And God Bless.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bad And Good News

We have been home from Florida now for a total of  3½ weeks and have they ever been hectic.

For some good news.
We celebrated Grand daughter Rebecca's 17th. Birthday! 
Rebecca wanting to hear us sing to her.
What a great, happy time we all had celebrating her Birthday. It's always going to be fun with laughter around the house when the family arrives. That's one big thing we miss when in Florida for the winter. 

Tuesday we were notified that my best friend since 5th. grade Gary, had lost his mother. Arrangements were visitation Wed. evening and the funeral Thurs. morning at 10am. Very sad time for us even though everyone was expecting this for the past several weeks.

Nothing scheduled for Friday! We woke and were enjoying our morning coffee when Wilma asked if I could take her pulse as she held out her arm. She said she wasn't feeling good and that she felt her heart skipping. I checked and became concerned when I could feel her beat skip then beat then miss at least 2 beats. Very erratic so we got ready to head for the hospital which is just down the road from the house. 
Into the emergency room and the first check showed a heart beat into the 158 range. Way too high!
An hour later another check while she lay on the bed it showed 138. Still too high. Off she went to have a chest ex-ray, then the lab rep. took 6 viles of blood.  We told the nurse that Wilma was diabetic and needed something to eat. We were told that no food or water until after the Dr. sees her, which didn't happen for another 2 hours. Still no food or water. The machine hooked up to her showed that the pulse was down to 63 for the past couple hours now and she said she was feeling ok and wanted to go home. The Dr. arrived and said the blood work showed no damage to the heart, ex-ray looked fine but he wanted her to stay for another few tests that would take into the evening. Still not addressing the lack of food and water, Wilma decided she would decline the request as she will be seeing her Dr. on Tuesday and he will direct her to the proper Dr.'s. The emergency Dr. was ok with her decision and said he would start to prepare the discharge papers. Another hour goes by, Wilma started to crash from not having anything to eat or drink. I track down the Dr. telling him she is crashing, which got every one's attention. Wilma was then given 4 apple juice cups to bring her sugar up. A blood test for sugar was given and showed her sugar was down to 38! Another hour goes by before the nurse is back for another blood sugar test. Now it's up to 68 and Wilma is feeling ready to leave. It took us another hour before we arrived home. So we are looking at a total of 7 hours without food or water during this episode. I guess it's safe to say our nurse, being as young as she was, didn't have much experience with diabetics. The Good News is that Wilma is feeling much better, just feels tired out from the experience.

We wake up Saturday morning and Wilma's CPAP machine stops working. We both just had an appointment with the CPAP Dr. a few days ago and she put in the order for a new machine. We were scheduled to pick it up Monday morning. A phone call made to Binson's Home Health Care, the company that sends us our supplies, and we are told to come in today to pick up the new machine. We were glad of that and Wilma now has a new machine to help her sleep. 

So here we are on Sunday, the last day of April. Good Riddance April. Hoping the month of May will be better.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Truck

April 13th. was the day I went back to the Ford dealer to discuss the turning in of my 2014 F-150. The lease was to be up in June, but he said he would pay the last three payments.
2014 F-150

He made me a deal I just couldn't refuse. Get a new 2017 F-150 with the same trailer towing package as the 2014 for the exact same payments. How could I resist? So a call to the insurance agent was made and within a few hours I turned in the keys of the 2014 F-150, received the new keys and left with my new 2017 F-150.
2017 F-150

I had mixed feelings about turning in the old truck as it's been very reliable never giving us any problems. It only had a little over 29,000 miles on it when I turned it in. Hopefully the new truck with the added features that came standard, will give us the same reliability.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Back Home In Michigan

The 3 day drive home was as nice as it could be. Even with the news of I-85 being shut down in Atlanta, we had no problem with traffic.
Our first night on the road was at Walmart in Valdosta, GA. We stopped just an hour prior to a bad thunderstorm that passed through. A knock on the door, and Terry our neighbor back in Florida invited us over to his 5th. wheel for an evening of chatting and winding down. Back at our 5th. wheel, we settled in for the night running on our 2 six volt golf batteries. More thunder and winds all night. Not much sleep from all the thunder noise.

We left early, meaning around 9am, and headed north on I-75. through Atlanta and into Tennessee. Stopped at another Walmart for the night just south of Knoxville. This night went very well as Wilma even ran her fan off the converter all night. The next morning I checked the battery level and it was only down a third. Perfect! The two golf batteries do last much longer than a 12volt deep cycle battery.

Our third night on the road was spent at Arrowhead Lakes Resort It's our "sister park" to the organization we belong to. Another FREE night of lodging. It's located just south of Lima, OH and a perfect spot to stop prior to arriving home. But the ride here was windy and rainy!

We arrived home around 1pm with plenty of time to get the house back in order, and unpack just the items we needed for the night. It being 50 in the house and blustery mid 40's outside, it took the furnace 4 hours of steady running to get the temps up to 70 in the house. Brrrr. we just aren't used to this cold as we left low 90's in Florida. 

Busy now catching up with family events. Starting with a visit to see my Brother Ken. I'm so happy to see him and his wife Margie after a long winter.
Dad is starting to show his age, turning 90 next month. Catherine, my sister and I will have to get him some help before summer ends.

I have been in contact with the manufacturer of our 5th. wheel, Prime Time Inc. It seems that the problem they are having with the brown paint covering the cap has affected ours. 
They told me that I just made it in time for it to be covered under warranty with only days to spare! Wow have I been busy with the RV paint contractor and Prime Time this past couple days! This morning I received conformation from the RV paint contractor that the claim has been submitted and scheduled Aug. 11th. for me to deliver the 5th. wheel. 

Now on to the next pressing matter.

A month ago my salesman from Ford phoned me and informed me of the special incentives Ford is giving for new purchases and leases. To receive these incentives he would have to order me a new 2017 truck. Being under no obligation, I had nothing to loose, but I had to make a decision by April 13th. or loose these incentives.
Wilma and I both really love this truck and will have mixed feelings if I have to turn it in as it's a lease. It's all about $$$.
Yesterday I made a visit to my Credit Union to inquire on used car loans. This way I have knowledge on what it's going to cost me per month if I decide to purchase my 2014 Truck. I also phoned my Ford salesman and had him start getting the info he needs as I plan on seeing him today, the 12th. Talk about getting there just in time, wow. According to him I will be able to choose which incentive to take from Ford, as another incentive went into affect April 1st. Don't know as of this writing which is better for me, but should know later today. 

Whew...busy busy busy....and we haven't even started into all the things Wilma is doing! She is so busy it would take an hour listing it all here. God bless her! I couldn't live without her.

But It's Great To Be Back Home! 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Heading Home In 3 Weeks, Where Has The Time Gone

Everyone here at the RV Park in Florida is starting to talk about getting ready to head home. Everyone is saying pretty much the same thing, “Where has the time gone?”

We figured for us that the month of January was a loss because Wilma felt so bad. The Shingles side effects just wouldn’t let go and she was exhausted by the middle of the day. She didn’t start to feeling like herself until the first week in February.

We were getting excited and ready to have Angel and Brooke come down for a visit toward the end of February. They were to arrive on Tuesday the 21st. Everything was going great until the day before when I came down with the flu bug going around the RV Park.  Spent most of the week in bed. Wilma took over to take them to their favorite beaches. Even with me not feeling so well, Angel and Brooke had a great time while here.20170222 The Moose

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a surprise Birthday party for Angel!


Quite surprised she will remember this birthday for many many years to come. By now I was starting to feel much better. 20170226_113955_001

Angel and Brooke arrived back home safe and sound, back in the cold Michigan winter. It wasn’t long after they left and Wilma came down with the dreaded “campground crud”. She started taking Benadryl the very first day and her bout with the flu lasted about 3 days before she was feeling well enough to sit under the awning and enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

In a few days we headed out to Pottery Express to look around. Saw nothing that we couldn’t live without but it was a great time to get out and away from the 5th. wheel. 20170304_122843


We celebrated another birthday today. Our friend and neighbor Cherie. I talked with Greg her husband and he was taking her out to dinner Saturday night for her birthday. I asked if we could through a surprise get together at his place when they return from church on Sunday. He thought it was a great idea, so that is what we did this afternoon. Here she is arriving and noticing all of us gathered and the Birthday banners. 20170312_120524




Yet another “Surprise” birthday celebration was attended by many of our close friends. Cherie was totally surprised and had a great time, as we all did. Temps were in the mid 80’s so we had to keep chasing the shade from one site to another to stay cool.

Next Friday is the scheduled St. Patrick’s Day feast at the Moose. Corned beef and cabbage will be on the menu and there are 23 of us going with reservations for dinner. Sounds like another great evening.

After that event is the final RV Park event, The going home can party. Through the season the park furnishes an open dumpster for everyone to deposit their aluminum cans. At the end of the season all the money collected from recycling the aluminum cans is used to throw a party. Beverages are available, along with munchies and music. And every year a few end up in the pool with all clothes on. As we will be departing a couple days later for the drive home, we usually take it very easy at that function.

So this season has passed by pretty fast. We are not in a hurry to get home but we both know that when we do get home it feels right to us. We are both looking forward to the trip home to see our family once again.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Under The Stars

Watching the Super Bowl game is always exciting for us. We always look forward to the commercials. But this year's commercials were a bust except for 2 of them, in our opinion.

Anyway, being with friends makes it just that much more fun to watch the game. This year we were fortunate enough to be invited to attend a party under the stars.

Everyone bought a dish to pass and their favorite beverages. The host supplied hot dogs and the TV's.

An hour prior to the start of the game most of those attending were starting to load up their plates. By half time we had a full house watching the game.

What a great time everyone had. Temps were in the high 70's at the start of the game and in the low 60's by the end of the game. And what an exciting game it was! I don't think I'll ever forget this years Super Bowl.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Couldn't Have Happened At A Better Time

Our old Mr. Coffee gave up the ghost yesterday morning. But it didn't give it up until it had made us a full 12 cup pot of delicious coffee.

We didn't notice it had given up the ghost until our second cup. That's when we noticed the coffee just wasn't as hot as the first. Checking the hot plate on the coffee maker it was confirmed that it gave up the ghost.

The weather outside was cool, only in the low 50's with passing rain showers every once in a while. A perfect day to go shopping for a new coffee maker and some other groceries we needed.

Off to Walmart we went and for under $20 we are now the proud owners of a new Mr. Coffee.
It was almost a coincidence since just a few days ago our best friends Gary and Cheryl lost their coffee maker. He also went to Walmart and purchased the same Mr. Coffee model we did.

Wilma said that it even made better coffee than the old one. Saying the coffee doesn't taste burnt.

So I guess you could say, "Couldn't have happened at a better time".

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The "Black And White" Event

Each year for the past several years, Russ, has organized a charitable event here at the RV park to help the local needy. He named the event "The Black And White". He encourages everyone to dress in something black and white, but it's not mandatory.

Bring a wrapped gift to donate, unless it's something you created yourself, then it should not be wrapped.
Assorted Gifts to be raffled off.

For the past month he has been advertising that the "3 Amigo's" would be serving the punch.
The "3 Amigo's" with Russ.
Your choice of Punch

This year along with the free "spiked" punch he also supplied two Taco's to everyone.
Add what you like to your Taco's

After everyone had completed eating their Taco's, Russ would explain how the "Auction" worked for those new folks that had never attended before.
Russ has every one's attention.

The home made items from Afghans to leaded glass, to paintings drew in the highest bids. People realized how much work it was to produce those items and all of them were of exceptional quality. 

Russ would hold up a gift and start the bidding. It was hilarious to see folks bidding against each other for something that neither knew what it was. It was the personality of Russ that could get you to do that. 

We purchased and wrapped a coffee maker. It made us feel great to see the reaction of the lady that won that gift. She said that she really needed a new coffee maker as her old one just died that morning! Wow! God works in mysterious ways doesn't he.

The past couple years the event raised around $2000.00 for the needy. Last night Russ announced that we had raised $4100.00 for the needy. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

As one of the "3 Amigo's" I am already looking forward to next year's Black And White event.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thursday Afternoon Jam Session

Every Thursday afternoon musicians from around the RV Park meet in the Club House to practice and play their instruments. Terry first started this a few years back and it has progressed into what is now called a Jam Session. Every Thursday musicians from 3 other neighboring parks join in and Terry welcomes them and encourages them to get the word out. We “non musicians” are there to listen, enjoy and encourage them with our applause.

Meet Terry from Canada singing a slow song “Wish I Was 18 Again”. Kind of a fitting song to sing in a 55 and over RV Park in Florida don't you think?

That being a fairly slow song, we also have musicians who "pick it up" a little like Richard. He plays the guitar and harmonica at the same time. Here is Richard singing "Diana"

As you can see below in the 2 photo's we had a pretty good gathering of musicians. 

They pass the mic around and each musician plays a song of his choice. It may take 10, 15 seconds before the rest join in and play along. I don't know how they seem to do it as each musician has his or hers individual style, but it works.

This gent travels 45 minutes one way to attend. He is the only one that plays a flute and most of the time Betty joins in with her instrument. Have a listen with the link below.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Craft Show, Ice Cream And Rain

We had a busy fun filled day yesterday. First stop was to Punta Gorda Craft show. Like most Craft shows it was booth after booth of costume jewelry and women's clothing.

Didn't take too long and we had seen enough and left. We needed to do a little grocery shopping so we stopped at a Winn Dixie grocery store. But before we did our shopping, we just had to stop for a sugar free ice cream as Zoet's

The Owner delivering our Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Mmmm Good Cheesecake Ice Cream.

After our ice cream we walked a couple doors down to the Winn-Dixie grocery store. Picked up a few items, and back home we headed.

Today [Saturday] we had our coffee under the awning again. There is supposed to be thunder storms all day today as the cold front moves in. 

Our neighbor Dave has a beautiful flowering bush between his place and ours. 
It's always in full bloom every Winter. Even though there are very few leaves, the flowers are beautiful. Then there is George, our park manager.
Say Hi to George.
George being from Scotland has his accent, and cuts up with everyone every chance he can. His wife Hilary is from England. I love to hear her accent when I visit the office.

Shortly after taking the photo of George, our storms started to get closer. I noticed to the north with the darkening skies, a double rainbow. The sun was at my back might be the reason for the rainbows.
Storm Clouds with a Double Rainbow.

Looks like today will be a "cleaning day" inside the 5th. wheel, maybe a nap, we will see with no plans made for today.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Coffee Under The Awning

Wilma and I usually have our morning coffee outside under the awning watching the sun come up. This morning was slightly different. The sky had a dark cloud approaching from the North. As we watched it you could hear the rain hitting the ground across the street as it headed our way.

Looking North as the Rain fell.

Didn't take long and we had puddles around our cement patio. It wasn't windy so we just sat under the awning watching the rain fall enjoying our cup of coffee. 

Puddles under the front of the 5th. wheel.

Twenty minutes later the sun was poking through the clouds. Temperatures began to rise along with the humidity. The puddles that were formed were gone, soaked up in the sandy ground.

Sunrise after a rain.

Temps were in the low 70's all night last night. Now at 2pm as I sit in the 5th. wheel with the air conditioning running typing this blog, it's 80 outside with high humidity. Gotta love this January weather!

This evening there are 8 of us that are going to the Punta Gorda Moose Lodge for dinner. It's "Taco Night". Just about every kind of Mexican dish you could want will be featured. You go through a line with your dish and ask the server to place just what items you want to eat on your dish. They always give you a generous portion so you just can't go away hungry. The price can't be beat either. For the two of us, with our plates full, usually comes to around $10. Wow what a deal! 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Wilma is finally, after almost 8 weeks, starting to feel like herself again. Her appetite is back, energy level is almost 100% and she is sleeping much better.

It has been a struggle for her these past 7 weeks with Shingles, and we both are so happy she is feeling much better.

We thank all those who have kept her in their prayers for a speedy recovery.

Now, on to enjoying life as best we can here in Sunny Florida.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.