Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Coffee Under The Awning

Wilma and I usually have our morning coffee outside under the awning watching the sun come up. This morning was slightly different. The sky had a dark cloud approaching from the North. As we watched it you could hear the rain hitting the ground across the street as it headed our way.

Looking North as the Rain fell.

Didn't take long and we had puddles around our cement patio. It wasn't windy so we just sat under the awning watching the rain fall enjoying our cup of coffee. 

Puddles under the front of the 5th. wheel.

Twenty minutes later the sun was poking through the clouds. Temperatures began to rise along with the humidity. The puddles that were formed were gone, soaked up in the sandy ground.

Sunrise after a rain.

Temps were in the low 70's all night last night. Now at 2pm as I sit in the 5th. wheel with the air conditioning running typing this blog, it's 80 outside with high humidity. Gotta love this January weather!

This evening there are 8 of us that are going to the Punta Gorda Moose Lodge for dinner. It's "Taco Night". Just about every kind of Mexican dish you could want will be featured. You go through a line with your dish and ask the server to place just what items you want to eat on your dish. They always give you a generous portion so you just can't go away hungry. The price can't be beat either. For the two of us, with our plates full, usually comes to around $10. Wow what a deal! 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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