Monday, January 30, 2017

Couldn't Have Happened At A Better Time

Our old Mr. Coffee gave up the ghost yesterday morning. But it didn't give it up until it had made us a full 12 cup pot of delicious coffee.

We didn't notice it had given up the ghost until our second cup. That's when we noticed the coffee just wasn't as hot as the first. Checking the hot plate on the coffee maker it was confirmed that it gave up the ghost.

The weather outside was cool, only in the low 50's with passing rain showers every once in a while. A perfect day to go shopping for a new coffee maker and some other groceries we needed.

Off to Walmart we went and for under $20 we are now the proud owners of a new Mr. Coffee.
It was almost a coincidence since just a few days ago our best friends Gary and Cheryl lost their coffee maker. He also went to Walmart and purchased the same Mr. Coffee model we did.

Wilma said that it even made better coffee than the old one. Saying the coffee doesn't taste burnt.

So I guess you could say, "Couldn't have happened at a better time".

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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