Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The "Black And White" Event

Each year for the past several years, Russ, has organized a charitable event here at the RV park to help the local needy. He named the event "The Black And White". He encourages everyone to dress in something black and white, but it's not mandatory.

Bring a wrapped gift to donate, unless it's something you created yourself, then it should not be wrapped.
Assorted Gifts to be raffled off.

For the past month he has been advertising that the "3 Amigo's" would be serving the punch.
The "3 Amigo's" with Russ.
Your choice of Punch

This year along with the free "spiked" punch he also supplied two Taco's to everyone.
Add what you like to your Taco's

After everyone had completed eating their Taco's, Russ would explain how the "Auction" worked for those new folks that had never attended before.
Russ has every one's attention.

The home made items from Afghans to leaded glass, to paintings drew in the highest bids. People realized how much work it was to produce those items and all of them were of exceptional quality. 

Russ would hold up a gift and start the bidding. It was hilarious to see folks bidding against each other for something that neither knew what it was. It was the personality of Russ that could get you to do that. 

We purchased and wrapped a coffee maker. It made us feel great to see the reaction of the lady that won that gift. She said that she really needed a new coffee maker as her old one just died that morning! Wow! God works in mysterious ways doesn't he.

The past couple years the event raised around $2000.00 for the needy. Last night Russ announced that we had raised $4100.00 for the needy. Everyone had a wonderful time. 

As one of the "3 Amigo's" I am already looking forward to next year's Black And White event.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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