Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Back Home In Michigan

The 3 day drive home was as nice as it could be. Even with the news of I-85 being shut down in Atlanta, we had no problem with traffic.
Our first night on the road was at Walmart in Valdosta, GA. We stopped just an hour prior to a bad thunderstorm that passed through. A knock on the door, and Terry our neighbor back in Florida invited us over to his 5th. wheel for an evening of chatting and winding down. Back at our 5th. wheel, we settled in for the night running on our 2 six volt golf batteries. More thunder and winds all night. Not much sleep from all the thunder noise.

We left early, meaning around 9am, and headed north on I-75. through Atlanta and into Tennessee. Stopped at another Walmart for the night just south of Knoxville. This night went very well as Wilma even ran her fan off the converter all night. The next morning I checked the battery level and it was only down a third. Perfect! The two golf batteries do last much longer than a 12volt deep cycle battery.

Our third night on the road was spent at Arrowhead Lakes Resort It's our "sister park" to the organization we belong to. Another FREE night of lodging. It's located just south of Lima, OH and a perfect spot to stop prior to arriving home. But the ride here was windy and rainy!

We arrived home around 1pm with plenty of time to get the house back in order, and unpack just the items we needed for the night. It being 50 in the house and blustery mid 40's outside, it took the furnace 4 hours of steady running to get the temps up to 70 in the house. Brrrr. we just aren't used to this cold as we left low 90's in Florida. 

Busy now catching up with family events. Starting with a visit to see my Brother Ken. I'm so happy to see him and his wife Margie after a long winter.
Dad is starting to show his age, turning 90 next month. Catherine, my sister and I will have to get him some help before summer ends.

I have been in contact with the manufacturer of our 5th. wheel, Prime Time Inc. It seems that the problem they are having with the brown paint covering the cap has affected ours. 
They told me that I just made it in time for it to be covered under warranty with only days to spare! Wow have I been busy with the RV paint contractor and Prime Time this past couple days! This morning I received conformation from the RV paint contractor that the claim has been submitted and scheduled Aug. 11th. for me to deliver the 5th. wheel. 

Now on to the next pressing matter.

A month ago my salesman from Ford phoned me and informed me of the special incentives Ford is giving for new purchases and leases. To receive these incentives he would have to order me a new 2017 truck. Being under no obligation, I had nothing to loose, but I had to make a decision by April 13th. or loose these incentives.
Wilma and I both really love this truck and will have mixed feelings if I have to turn it in as it's a lease. It's all about $$$.
Yesterday I made a visit to my Credit Union to inquire on used car loans. This way I have knowledge on what it's going to cost me per month if I decide to purchase my 2014 Truck. I also phoned my Ford salesman and had him start getting the info he needs as I plan on seeing him today, the 12th. Talk about getting there just in time, wow. According to him I will be able to choose which incentive to take from Ford, as another incentive went into affect April 1st. Don't know as of this writing which is better for me, but should know later today. 

Whew...busy busy busy....and we haven't even started into all the things Wilma is doing! She is so busy it would take an hour listing it all here. God bless her! I couldn't live without her.

But It's Great To Be Back Home! 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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