Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Work At Dad's House

Dad has been out of his house for a little over 2 weeks now. My sister Catherine, her husband Scott, Wilma, and I have been extra busy getting the house ready to put on the market.

I first phoned a friend of ours that is in real estate. She met me at the house and gave me some pointers as what we need to do to make the home qualified to be able to sell under an FHA or VA mortgage. First was the electrical panel. It had to be replaced with a new 100 Amp. circuit breaker box. Scott knew a licensed electrician that would be able to bring the electrical up to code. He spent most of the day, June 14th. doing just that.
He didn't have with him the plates needed to complete the job so I will be going to Home Depot in a few days to purchase the needed plates. It's great to have the house brought up from 1960 electrical code to modern day electrical code.

Next was the basement wall. It has been moving inward now for several years. Dad even commented to me last year that he heard the house make a "boom" noise. He seemed to think it was the basement wall moving, and it probably was. Along with getting the basement wall repaired, the driveway cement needs to be replaced.
My realtor said I could just add a patching compound to "ramp" all the joints that have heaved. It would "look bad" but would pass inspection.
As I don't want anything standing in the way of a sale, I have decided, with the help of Scott, that the entire drive will be replaced along with the porch.
We won't stop there as the garage needs some tuck pointing done. I guess 57 long years will show signs of aging on cement and mortar just like it does on us humans.

I should be contacted today by the contractor we have chosen to do the repair work. We will be putting a deposit of $300 down to start the process of getting the permits and scheduling done. Then when a start date has been assigned, a deposit for half the total amount will be needed. I'm getting anxious and want this job completed ASAP.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Busy Month And Dad’s New Home.

This past month Wilma and I, along with my little sis Catherine, have been chasing our tails! Didn’t even have time to make a post for the whole month of May!

So, let’s get everyone up to speed.

First off my younger brother Ken is not doing well at all health-wise. Wilma has been preparing his dinners for him now going on 2 months.
His wife Margie had a hip replacement and has had one setback after another in the rehab center. Even had to undergo another surgery to repair the femur bone that was broken from being miss handled in the nursing home rehab center. 

The passing of my Eldest Aunt Ella at the age of 101. She was my father’s last living sibling. Dad turned 90 on May 21st. the day she passed away. Aunt Ella's Obituary Link This was the second funeral we attended in the month of May.

Three weeks ago Wilma did something to her left knee. She doesn’t remember twisting it or spraining it somehow, but she has been in pain and is still walking with a limp. Looks like a trip to the Doctors is in order.

OK….enough with the bad news already!!!

Got my garden planted a couple weeks ago. Instead of planting 20 tomato plants, I cut back to 12 plants. Added 8 pepper plants, 2 asparagus plants and a mess of green beans. We still have tomato juice and salsa left over from last year so this years canning will be chunks of tomato’s used in chili and spaghetti.

Sister Catherine has been busy finding a senior living center for Dad. He doesn’t want to admit it but the house he has lived in since 1960 is just too much work for him. The lot size is 50’ X 250’. He uses a walk behind mower for the front lawn, the back lawn he uses his rider mower.
Last week was his last time for doing that job. The neighbor spoke to me yesterday as the movers were loading his selected furniture to be moved to his new apartment, and told me that he was watching him cut his lawn the other day and noticed that he was really slowing down from previous years. Dad even mentioned to me that he was tired when he finished cutting the front lawn. He always insisted on doing his own work around the house. Whenever I suggested that I would come over to cut the lawn for him he would tell me “No, I can cut my own lawn”. He never wanted to “put anyone out”.

Last week he watched as sis Catherine began boxing up items to take to the apartment.
Catherine walked him through the house and let him pick which furniture items and wall photos he wanted for his new apartment. We knew it was hard for him to make decisions but Catherine coaxed him and together they made the choices.

Yesterday, June 5th, Catherine and I met at the house at 9:30 am. She was going to take him shopping for a pair of pants, take him to lunch and then over to Ken’s house for a visit. I was to stay at the house and guide the movers as to what items were to be loaded and moved. Then meet them at the apartment keeping an eye on the movers. We used Two Men And A Truck and were pleased with the work they did.

This day came with mixed feelings for me. Dad moved his family into that house the summer of 1960. I was just 10 years old. Mom was pregnant with the youngest sister Catherine. I have many fond memories of family events in that home. Memories that I hope to keep forever. The house, however, will be sold and another family will begin to make their memories. There is much more work that has to be done. Catherine and I have to prepare to have an estate sale. Sell all the items left at the house, then list the home for sale. We are hoping to have it sold prior to October.

After a busy day, Catherine and I had all his items placed in his apartment.
As Catherine took a breather, I headed over to my home to pick up Brother Ken’s dinner that Wilma prepared. Delivered it to Ken and then Dad and I headed over to his new apartment.

I wish I could have gotten a photo of Dad when we first opened the door and he looked inside to see all his furniture set up waiting for him. He actually broke a smile! Catherine then gave him the grand tour showing him where all his “things” were placed. Told him she had to head home, but would be returning at 8 am so she could have breakfast with him in the dining room.

I stayed with him talking for a while, then we both headed SLOWLY to the dining room. I wanted to make sure he was grasping the directions to the dining room, as that is where he will be eating his 3 meals a day.

After a delicious dinner, I asked if he remembered how to return to his apartment. “Yes, I’m pretty sure” was the answer so I said I would walk with him back to the apartment. He did excellent as he did remember the directions back, which is only 2 left turns in the hallways. But with age, it’s becoming more of a challenge for him to remember. Before leaving him, I explained the door dead bolt to him and that he must keep it locked at all times. That after I leave to lock it. I said my goodbye and told him that Wilma and I would be back tomorrow at 5 pm to go with him to dinner in the dining room. He said ok, smiled, and closed the door. I listened for the dead bolt, nothing. Gave him a couple minutes then opened the door. I reminded him that he needs to lock the dead bolt, and proceeded to show him again how it’s done. Finally asking him, “Got It?” His response was “Yep, now I got it.” He closed the door and I heard the dead bolt lock.

He had to try to learn much today. He didn’t even ask about his car that is in the garage back home.  With the moving and new surroundings, I pray he will be alright and start to enjoy life. He no longer will have to mow grass, which I will do now, just as I did all the years I lived at the house, shovel snow, do laundry, or even make his bed. He will be treated like a king. Laundry, housekeeping, meals, all being done now for him.

It’s a bittersweet feeling for me to see him at this point in his life. But, I know he is safe now. No more fear of him falling down the basement stairs to do his laundry, or having health issues with no one around to help him. At his apartment, he wears a pendant to push if he needs any kind of help. There are pull cords in his bedroom and bathroom in case he needs help of any kind. Now I only hope he doesn’t think “if I pull the cord or push the button I’ll be putting someone out”.

Until Next Time, Be Safe And God Bless.