Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Annual Bike Parade

As the story goes, Grandpa granted his Granddaughter's special wish some 20 plus years ago.
One a 4th. of July family gathering, granddaughter asked if they could go on a bike parade. Grandpa with his soft heart for his grandchildren had them start to decorate their bikes up with flags and balloons. He, not having a bike, decorated his riding mower.

Off they went around the block. Grandpa riding his mower down the middle of the street with his grandkids following him on their bikes.

Fast forward now to today. The yearly parades have grown larger through the years. An antique firetruck with the Mayor would always be behind the original grandkids leading the parade. This year we missed the firetruck as it had mechanical problems and didn't make it. The Mayor had a cast on her leg and couldn't walk the route, so she stayed back at the start/finish area waiting for the participants to return.

 We had some of the best seats for viewing the parade, as it goes right past our home!

Looking down the street we could see the parade forming. 

Not having the Antique Fire Truck with the Mayor riding and waving leading the parade,  the US Naval Sea Cadets stepped up to lead the parade. This was their first year of attending our neighborhood parade. A welcome site for sure! 

People dress up for the parade in all sorts of attire. Some ride bikes, push baby carriages
or walk along with their pets.

Everyone had a wonderful time, be it the parade participants or the parade viewers. Following the parade, the burgers and dogs were put on the grill. Along with the regular fixens, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the deck in perfect weather. Another memory made.

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