Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Basement Wall Moved

I stepped back and watched as most people never get a chance to witness this.

The first step was to take the weight of the home off of the sill plate (basement wall). Floor jacks were used, a total of 4, each one adjusted carefully one at a time.
The house made it's "normal" cracking noises as each jack added pressure pushing up. Visually you couldn't see it moving up ever so slightly. I was told that it is raised less than a sixteenth of an inch, just enough to take the weight off of the basement wall.

Then the 12-ton bottle jacks were placed between the wall steel beams and the tempory "backer beams" that were later removed. 

Each jack was given a couple pumps of their handles. He watched the wall intensively as it slowly moved making a popping noise several times. 

It only took a half hour and the wall had moved 1 1/4" to nearly perfectly level straight up and down. 
The insulation Dad inserted 30 years ago once again was visible.

It was amazing hearing the wall make those noises as it was moved back to its original position. Almost like thanking us for straightening it.
Beam perfectly level vertically. 
Afterward, the house was slowly lowered back down onto the sill plate. The floor jacks removed along with the backer beams. Then 2X12 framing was installed with lag bolts around the beams at the tops. The bottom of the beams were bolted into the foundation of the house. No possible way they could ever move.

Next on the list of things to do was outside. Installing the new drain pipe next to the foundation and attaching it to the drainage system. 

Then came patching the cracks on the wall with a special cement, then coating the entire wall with tar. 
Tar being applied.
Next, the heavy plastic sheeting was applied and stuck to the tar. 

That about completed a days work for the crew. They told me they would return tomorrow.

After the house was put under such movement, I took a close look upstairs to see if the drywall showed any signs of the movement by cracking. None was found. I'm pleased with the outcome so far. 

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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