Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dad's Home Repairs Start

A couple years ago Dad said he needed to get his basement wall fixed. I mentioned to him back then that to fix the basement wall they would have to remove the entire drive. He said he didn't think he could take all that, and would be stressed out about it. I assured him the wall was still safe, the home was not in danger of caving in, and that he should not worry about it.
The worst crack which is on the driveway side.
Now that he has moved out of his house and into an apartment, we have started to inquire about what has to be done to the house to sell it. We were told the Electrical Service needed updating, which has been done. The basement walls must be fixed, and the concrete drive should be replaced. Bids from 6 contractors were received and I chose Calculus Foundations to proceed with the repairs.

Thursday was the start date. A crew showed up to start working on the cracks on the basement walls.
They started working on the cracks on 3 walls. The wall that needs the most work is along the driveway side but that wall has to be pushed back verticle first.
The cracks had the paint ground off then an epoxy product applied with plastic injector fittings attached along the cracks. The fittings are used to pump under high pressure the product that seals the wall cracks. 

Friday, July 21. Day 2:
Two crews arrived around 9 AM. The crew that was here yesterday went into the basement to start sealing the cracks. 
While they worked on the cracks on 3 of the walls, a crew outside was busy unloading the heavy equipment. 

The basement wall on the driveway side is severely cracked and has started to move inward. The plan is to remove the driveway, dig down to the drain tile, replace the drain tile, push the basement wall back to its original vertical position and reinforce the wall with steel beams, water seal the outside area of the wall, fill void with pea stone, then remove the remaining drive and replace with new concrete. 

It was originally planned to remove the entire drive along the house first. But the weather forecast is for rain arriving Saturday and Sunday and they didn't want a muddy mess on Monday. So it was determined to first cut the concrete and partially remove the concrete today.
Cutting the concrete prior to removal.

When the strip of concrete drive next to the house was removed, he started removing the sticky clay down to the drain tile. 
Sticky clay removed.
At the days end a heavy tarp was placed over the opening where the clay was removed and yellow caution tape strung around the area. Plus one piece of heavy equipment was positioned at one end of the area, the other piece of heavy equipment placed at the other end of the opening. Hopefully, no one will be nosey and fall into the area along the basement wall.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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