Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ken's 1st. Visit

Dad has been in his new apartment now for 5 weeks, and Brother Ken has not seen him or his new apartment as of yet.
Ken asked me last Monday if I would take him to see Dad this week. He chose Friday as a good day to go, asked if we could have dinner with him and then suggested we keep it a surprise to Dad.

Dad's dinner time is at 6 PM. We arrived at 5 PM and stopped at the main office to purchase our dinner tickets. Afterward, we headed toward his apartment but noticed on the way to his apartment that he was sitting outside the dining room waiting for it to open.

When Dad first saw us, a huge smile came to his face. He immediately came over to see us. Ken wanted to shake his hand but Dad had his left hand extended and Ken had his right hand on his oxygen tank.
Ken & Dad embrace each other.
As we had almost an hour before the dining room would be open, Dad wanted to show Ken his apartment. (The photo above shows the hall we walk down to get to Dads apartment). 
Unlocking his door, which Dad has trouble doing at times.

Upon entering Dad started showing Ken around the apartment. Ken was really impressed at how nice it was and told Dad several times how much he liked it, and that he was glad he was here instead of his house. 
Showing Ken around his apartment.

After the tour, we sat in the living room and had great conversations. Dad asking Ken how he is feeling, telling us how he is "starting to get used to his new home" and how he alerted the office of a tenant that was having trouble breathing. 

Around 5:50 PM we left the apartment to make the short walk to the dining room. The three of us were directed to the "reserved table" that is used for visitors. There we enjoyed a delicious meal of salad, onion soup, fish, potatoes, and a generous portion of butter pecan ice cream for dessert. 

Ken mentioned several times through the dinner that he "had to stop and catch his breath". I could tell he was having trouble breathing and that he was tiring out rapidly. 

After dinner, I asked Ken if he wanted to go back to the apartment, or head on home. He said he was getting tired and was ready to go back home.

Dad walked us out, through the entry doors of the complex, and waved us a good by as we drove away. My thoughts were, "I only hope this won't be the last time Ken has dinner with Dad". About that time Ken said, "Let's do this again, I really enjoyed this visit with Dad." 

As long as Ken is able, I will be here for him to take him anywhere he wishes.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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