Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dad's Kitchen And Basement Floors Complete

I have been so busy with getting Dad's house ready to be put on the market for sale these past few weeks, working 8 to 12 hour days. Wilma mentioned that she will be so happy when the house is sold so she can get her husband back. Even finding time to help my sister with her humongous garage sale, which is how we are selling items of Dad's to build up his savings account.

This past week I've dealt with a flooring installer. I needed to have the kitchen floor updated. The old "peel and stick" tile Dad installed years ago was so unsightly and discolored. A linoleum choice was made by looking at samples on a tablet that was available for immediate installation. It came out looking darker than what I expected, but it's installed now and looks so much nicer than the old floor.

I couldn't find a "Before" photo of the old floor for comparison, but I assure you this is a huge improvement!

Next came the basement stairs and floor covering. I first wanted an indoor/outdoor carpet. Our painter suggested a regular carpet but DO NOT have any padding installed under it. Have it glued down to the floor. The carpet installer agreed with him and mentioned that it would look and feel much more comfortable.
Old tile is what was in the Kitchen. Stairs to the basement before new carpet.

 Basement floor before any repair work was done on the walls.
Basement stairs after carpet installation.

Beams installed, walls painted, and carpet installed. 
Nice comparison on the "before and after" photos above of the basement don't you think? 👌

I just have to install a new bathroom vanity in the bathroom in the basement and the house will be ready to be sold.

Speaking of that.....
Last Tuesday the neighbor next door asked if her sister could contact me as she was interested in purchasing the house. Why of course! Amber phoned me Wednesday and we made arrangements for her and her husband to come and look at the house on Friday at 4:45 PM.

Speaking with my sister prior to the meeting, we agreed on a price we wanted to ask.

Amber and her husband showed up right on time to see the house and seemed excited and was pleased with what she saw. Her husband put on the stern look for me, which I didn't buy. I knew he liked it as much as her! Within a half hour, we discussed prices and they gave me an offer. I told them I would get back with them as it wasn't the asking price. Amber was anxious that I not sell the house prior to getting back with them. That statement made me realize that they wanted the house bad and were willing to go higher.

I arrived back at my home and gave Sister Catherine a phone call with the exciting news that we had an offer. (One not far from our asking price).
She informed me that at the garage sale today she spoke to a lady that said her daughter and her husband were looking for a house to buy. Further discussions with her revealed that the location and type of home the daughter was looking for was exactly what we have for sale! Catherine is making arrangements to show the house this upcoming week.

As Catherine knows the previous offer, she is confident her showing will go well, and we could have a "price war" on our hands. We, Catherine and I, have a strong feeling we can have the house sold within a week. That would be so wonderful and take a huge burden off of our shoulders.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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