Saturday, August 12, 2017

Home From The Rally

We arrived back home yesterday around 4 PM, minus our 5th. wheel.

When we left the FROG Rally, we headed for Recreational Specialties to drop off our 5th. wheel to have them paint the front cap under warranty. Ron, the manager, told me that the paint used in the manufacturing of the cap did not have the ultraviolet blockers added to the paint, and that is why the paint faded.
Taken from the roof of the RV. Notice the white fade of the paint.
He assured me that they will have to completely remove the cap from the RV, sand it down, prime, paint, then re-apply the graphics. It should take them until the middle of next week to complete. Then they will be moving our 5th. wheel to the manufacturer of the RV, Prime Time Manufacturing where they will be removing both slides. Repairing the problem with screws damaging the undersides of the slides. Then as the slide tore the linoleum, the complete floor has to be inspected and repairs made, including new linoleum.
Damaged floor from the slide.
It feels a little weird arriving home without our 5th. wheel, but I feel confident that the problems will be repaired, hopefully once and for all.

Wilma and I both are happy we are home from the Rally. One thing we didn't like was the 2 train tracks within a stone's throw from the Rally. They run both night and day, at least 6 trains an hour, each train traveling very fast shaking the ground for 3 to 4 minutes each. I guess it would be heaven for a train enthusiast but not for us.

Today we start back to our busy lives and preparing for our Kentucky trip leaving this Thursday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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