Thursday, September 7, 2017

In Remembrance Of Kybee

Kybee on Sept. 5th.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at 5:10 PM. 

That was the time Kybee left this world and is free of all his pain and suffering, never making a whimper.

Kybee's first owner was a senior lady. Her children thought she needed a companion and found him for her. She had him for 3 years before her health started to fail. She was a neighbor and friend of my daughter Tina and knowing she could not take Kybee with her, she gave him to Tina. There were pet restrictions where Tina lived, you could only have one dog and she already had a dog. Tina, being a pet lover, took Kybee to find him a good new home.

2008, Kybee at 3 Years Old
The very first time I laid eyes on him I was set back a little. My first thought was, OMG you are about the ugliest dog I've ever seen! Not knowing then how this little guy would become my very best "little buddy". That's when Tina told us she had to find him a new home. We saw how attached our Granddaughter Rebecca had become to him, Wilma and I decided to take him "for a while". Not knowing then that "for a while" would turn out to be "for his entire life". 

He fit in with us from the very first day. Always wanting to be next to us no matter what we were doing. 
2008 Writing a Blog post.
It didn't take long to find that Kybee loved to travel. He never got "car sick" and loved riding in the Motorhome. All we had to say to him was "Want to go camping?" and he would get excited, start running around and head for the motorhome. His favorite seat while traveling down the road was on a pillow on the dash.
June 2008

August 2008
August 2008
He was definitely a lap dog. Seemed he couldn't get close enough to you and felt safe on your lap.

June 2009 
Even when he was "dog tired" he wanted to be with us. We enjoy sitting around campfires with friends. Kybee, not liking the snapping noise of burning logs, still wanted to be with us. 
He knew he was "the king of the campsite" and had leash free privileges. 
May 2010
We could always trust him not to wander off. He always wanted to be close to one of us. 
October 2011
Enjoying a walk through a campground, taking in all the colors and smells that he could find. 
October 2011
The first winter after retiring we headed for Florida for a month. Kybee was ready to go and enjoyed the long 3-day trip. 
February 2012. On our way to Florida.
Kybee always loved the sunshine. But the Florida sunshine seemed a little "warmer" than normal, even in winter. 
March 2012 
Always watching me, seemed to be asking "where to now" or "what do we do now". 
September 2012
Had a little physical problem in October of 2012. He developed a growth on his left rear foot. 
October 2012
He underwent surgery and had it removed. After a day of rest, he was as good as new. 
2012 Resting after surgery.
After a sunny winter day in Florida, one needs a little rest. 
January 2013 
After a rest, let's do something! 
January 2013 after a nap.
Always watching for the next move. 
July 2013
The warmth of summer in Michigan reminds me of sunny Florida in winter. 
January 2014 in Florida.
While in Florida, my back went out and we had to make an emergency trip back home for hip replacement and back surgery. Wilma was my hero and drove all the way home from Florida as I was in so much pain I couldn't drive. After the surgery's, Kybee was there to comfort me. 
March 2014 
We dog sat Angel's dog, Romeo for a while. Always room for two dogs while enjoying the morning cup of coffee.
June 2014
Being in Florida in the winter means extra work. Laundry day and Mom needs a little extra help. 
January 2015 
After helping with laundry, it's nap time! 
January 2015
One does get tired more easily as one ages. Also one does seem to get chilled easier. 
January 2016 
Plus Kybee has developed hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia often begins while a dog is still young and physically immature. Early onset usually develops after four months of age. There are also cases of later onset, where hip dysplasia develops later due to osteoarthritis, a form of joint inflammation (arthritis) that is characterized by chronic deterioration, or degeneration of the joint cartilage. His right rear hip is affected and at times slips out of joint. When this happens, the little guy doesn't even make a whimper. Just tries to walk and get it back into its socket. You just know this has to be painful.
March 2016 
As time goes by, you can see the affected hip. We are keeping a close eye on him. With his tail and ears hung down instead of normally up, it's a sign he is not comfortable. 
July 2016
He still was able to fend off his territory from the pesky squirrels though. 
October 2016
As time passed, Kybee's hip progressed worse. 
September 2017  

Was it possible with his rear squatting, he had less pain? No one really knows for sure, not even the vets, but we just felt it was time to make the dreaded decision to end his pain. 

September 4, 2017
Most of the time he just laid and slept. We hope all those sleeping hours he was pain-free. 

Rest In Peace, my little buddy. You will never be forgotten. 


  1. So very sorry to hear about loosing your best bud. It's so hard to say goodbye even when you know you are doing the right thing. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Thank you Ruth for caring to comment. Yes it's hard, probably will be for awhile. He was in deed "my little buddy".

  2. Such a beautiful tribute. You truly were a match made in heaven. You and Mom gave him such a loving, happy, exciting life. He will forever be missed, and my heart breaks for your loss.