Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Update On Our Last Stop

We are in Ohio for the night, about a 3-hour drive tomorrow to get home.

Woke up this morning (Thursday morning) to thunder and pitter patter on the 5'ver's roof. Checked AcuWeather and saw this:

So mom and I made a decision to stay another day here in Ohio instead of fighting the rain all the way home today. We will be leaving tomorrow morning, as it's planned so far.

Looked out our back window to this.

A peak of sunshine before the stormes that are headed our way today. Don't know for sure if Gary and Cheryl will be staying another day, but my guess is they will stay also.

Yesterday mom introduced Cheryl to Facebook!

See everyone when we arrive home. 😊


  1. Glad you aren't going to travel through the storms! HEY there to Gary and Cheryl! Stay safe - Love y'all much! :)

  2. Good idea to stay put! Hopefully the storms won't be too bad for you. Praying for safe travels when you make the journey tomorrow. Love you both!